10 Beach Essentials

10 Beach Essentials

Beach Dress | Beach Bag | Water Bottle | Sunglasses |Wedges | Perfume | Hat | Self Tanner | Lip Balm |Swim Suit |

The Vegas weather that I have been waiting for is finally here! All weekend it was 75-80 degree and I was loving every second of it. It definitely inspired me to start thinking about some Summer essentials or even a few vacation themed items. If you are headed off to Spring break soon, or are planning an upcoming tropical vacation, then these picks are perfect for you!

 This Spring and Summer I am going to be embracing floral prints. I honestly wasn’t much of flower girl, but this Spring florals are a huge trend. I know, I know. You are shocked. But I am loving how feminine and pretty some of the new styles are. I am really enjoying how delicate this one piece is. Plus, let’s face it. I am not too thrilled about squeezing my “oh it looks like you’ve just had a full dinner baby bump” into a bikini just yet. 

We don’t really have too many beach trips planned yet, but I do know we will be headed over to Cali at some point in April. We also want to plan a baby moon this Summer, so I know I will be packing a few of these pieces then as well. Plus, not to mention, everyday is like a tropical vacation when you live in Vegas, especially when you sneak on over to some of the casino pool areas! 

What are some of your Spring/ Summer vacation plans? I would love to read some baby moon suggestions if you leave a comment below! Happy Monday.