15 Newborn Essentials and Regrets

15 Newborn Essentials and Regrets, A Guide for New Mommas, newborn must have products

While I was pregnant, I went a little crazy in research department. I wanted to know everything and anything I would need to be prepared for a newborn. And to be completely honest, I actually think my research paid off! I had almost everything I needed for baby when he arrived and I was pretty happy with the products I got. Now that Oliver is almost 7 weeks, I wanted to reveal some items that have really helped to make life a lot easier as a first time mom. So here are the 15 products that I have been enjoying and a few I was disappointed by as well. 

1. Graco Swing

This device should be called the baby whisperer! If Oliver is fussy or fighting sleep, we just put him in the swing on the highest speed and he calms right down (most of the time). We also have the 4moms mammaroo and I do like it, but I think the swing does a much better job at soothing the baby. 

2. Halo Sleep Sack

We have tried several different swaddles, including the Woombie. But that was too tight fitting for baby. The Halo Sack makes it super easy to swaddle your baby with the velcro, but it also allows enough room for your baby to be comfortable. 

3. Halo Bassinet 

I really like how this bassinet can swivel, so it is easier to move toward or away from the bed. The drop down handle also makes it simple to get baby in and out for easy middle of the night feeds. We also used the vibration and music in the beginning to help calm him if he was fussy. 

4. Doc a Tot

Because the bassinet is a little big, I bought the Doc a Tot to put inside it. The material is breathable and it makes for a cozier environment for baby because it mimics the feeling they had being inside the womb with the plush edges. You can also use it for co-sleeping, lounging, or tummy time. 

5. Dohm Sound Machine

You might notice a theme going on here. A lot of these essentials have to do with getting baby to sleep! This helps to muffle the noise going around in the house for daytime and nighttime sleep. 

6. Aden and Anais Blankets

Everyone and their mother talks about these swaddle blankets. The material is soft and breathable. They are very versatile to have because they can function as swaddles, carseat covers, nursing covers, etc. 

7. Burp Clothes

Holy spit! I couldn’t believe how much a newborn baby pukes. You really cannot have enough. I mean you need at least 15! I was lucky and had a few girlfriends make me some in adorable prints. But I also have a few of these that I like as well. 

8. Solly Baby Wrap

I highly recommend registering for some kind of baby wrap. I only use the wrap if I am going for a long grocery run or out and about shopping for a long period of time. But I love having it because he is always happy when he is being carried on me. It is a great item to have in your diaper bag for on the go. 

9. Boppy Pillows

I have both the Boppy Nursing Pillow and the Boppy Newborn Lounger. The first I use every single time I nurse him. And the second is great to have to put baby on while you are cleaning or sitting and watching tv. 

10. Ubbi Diaper Pail

This diaper pail is definitely one of the more expensive options; however, I have not smelled a single foul smell after changing him once I put the dirty diaper in the pail. It contains any odor and also hold a lot! 

11. Aquaphor Diaper Cream 

I tried a few other creams and I was noticing his rashes were not going away. Once I switched to this, I saw immediate healing. It is the fastest acting cream I have tried. 

12. Maxi Cosi Car Seat

It is no secret that you must have a car seat if you want to be discharged from the hospital. We registered for the Maxi Cosi and really like it. 

13. Mutsy Evo Stroller

I wanted a stroller that looked nice, but I also wasn’t willing to pay some of the insane price tags that come with the high end strollers. When I discovered Mutsy, I was relieved to find a company that produced chic models that had a reasonable price in comparison to competitive brands. 

14. MilkMaid Goods Nursing Cover 

I love that this is a poncho style cover because it stays on easily. It can also convert to be a car seat cover to shade baby from the sun. 

15. Fawn Design Diaper Bag

This diaper bag resembles more of a chic backpack as opposed to a diaper bag. There are several compartments and zippers that make storing your essentials easy and keep them well organized. 

Products That Disappointed Me

1. Puj Tub 

This product is convenient because it can fit into any sink in your apartment or home; however, I found it to be very flimsy and disassemble too easily. It has even unclipped during bathtub. It is one of the more expensive options for bath tubs, and I was disappointed with the quality of the product for the price tag. 

2. Wubanub Pacifier 

I will be honest and say that they are super cute and fun to have. But Oliver isn’t too crazy about pacifiers in general. But I didn’t find that the animal actually helped to keep the pacifier in the mouth. It is cute to have on hand, but not really helpful. 


Products I Haven’t Used Yet

Motorola Wireless Baby Monitor

Crane Humidifier 


Comotomo Bottles

Ergo Baby Carrier 

Bumbo Multi-Seat

Graco Pack and Play

As he gets a little older, I will share another post of other products we are using and enjoying. But I have found these items to be extremely helpful during these beginning weeks as a new mom. What are a few of your staples for your baby? Start the conversation below in the comment section!