20 Week Bumpdate

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Dress: Zaful Out of Stock, Similar, Similar  Shoes: Topshop  Bag: Louis Vuitton 

I feel like my belly doubled in size this week! I am officially at that point where there is no more hiding this bump, and it’s about time I embraced it! Getting dressed in the morning has become a lot more challenging and I have even changed my outfit up to five times before going to work some mornings. I am a bit stubborn, and I am trying to hold off on maternity clothes for as long as possible. Sometimes that means getting a little creative!  

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It’s been a while since I have given you the juicy details of this pregnancy. I thought since I am officially halfway through this journey, it would be a perfect time to update you on how things have been going! 

How Far Along:

20 Weeks. I can’t believe I am halfway there! I have a feeling that the next half won’t go all that quickly though! 


It is totally true what they say about your second trimester. It is a hell of a lot easier than your first; however, it still isn’t a walk in the park. A couple weeks into my second trimester, I did notice my energy levels came back. I was finally able to motivate myself to take a walk in the evening or even clean up the kitchen after dinner 😉 The past few weeks, I have been pushing myself a little harder than I should with all the traveling and company, so it has been hard surviving on little sleep, but I still feel better than I did the first trimester. 

My other symptoms have been so random and strange. I have only had heartburn once, and I haven’t had any normal pregnancy problems. But I have had horrible teeth pain, ear infections, and cold like symptoms that last for weeks. My mom actually told me that she had really bad teeth problems during pregnancy, so that probably explains the random teeth pain. 

Cravings and Aversions:

 I still haven’t had any intense desire to run out and get ice cream or scarf down 11 pickles. I crave what I craved prior to being pregnant. I will say that I have been EXTREMELY lenient in my diet the past few weeks. I have allowed cheese and other things that I would have never eaten before. Not even because I crave it, but because traveling and company have not really allowed me to eat how I usually would. I am hoping to get back to eating healthy, especially as our schedule starts to slow down. I still haven’t had any other aversions aside from soup in the beginning. 


I felt our little boy moving around 17 weeks. I has been such an exciting feeling and has made me feel a lot more connected to the baby. James felt him at 19 weeks and his reaction was so precious. Surprise, surprise he cried again. He is so cute. 

What I’m Doing: 

We have officially started the nursery. We decided on a paint color and picked up the supplies. I also bought the bedding because it was on super sale and I wanted to grab it before it was sold out. Next, we are planning on purchasing the crib! I honestly haven’t done a lot of baby related things recently except for stalking Pinterest for the perfect nursery! 


 It’s honestly just been such a relief to finally know the gender and truly start the planning process. I have noticed that my heart has started to change and it really hit me in church on Easter Sunday, how I already feel things I didn’t think I would feel. I was never obsessed with the idea of having a baby. Of course I wanted kids, but I never felt this intense need to be a mother right away. I was honestly very hesitant to jump into the role. But I have completely shocked myself in more ways than I can count. I looked at James a little teary eyed in church that Sunday, and I said, “I literally feel my heart growing and changing.” I think it just goes to show that God prepares you for that of which He calls you to do. So know that if you weren’t or aren’t thrilled about the idea of having a baby, that is okay. It is a nine month journey that is just as much about preparing you to be a mother as it is to grow a child. I guess I just can’t believe how much I love and care for him already. 

Thanks for reading all my rambled thoughts today! Stop back soon!