23 Week Bumpdate + Name Reveal

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Dress: Shein c/o  Lipstick: YSL 31 Crib: Pottery Barn  Baby Seat: 4moms mammaRoo  Stuffed Giraffe: Target

I wasn’t planning on writing another pregnancy update for a while. But I realized that it has been on my mind a lot, and I thought to myself, “why not write about it when it is a huge part of my life right now.” I have really started to prep for baby, not only with the size of my growing belly, but also in my thoughts and planning. So, let’s get to it! 

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How Far Along:

I am 23 weeks today. I seriously cannot believe how much my belly has grown in just the past few weeks. It is slowing taking over!


Last week was a tough one with symptoms. I felt like I was back in First Trimester there for a second with nausea and fatigue. I also had some pretty intense abdominal pain, which is normal as your belly starts to expand in size. But honestly, I am feeling really good. I can basically do everything I could before I was pregnant. I will say that it has been a lot harder than I thought to watch my body expand. It’s hard to loss control over how your body is changing. I want to talk about this a little more in an upcoming post. But rocking the bump isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. 

As I talked about in my last post, 7 Summer Beauty Buys, my skin has been super dry this pregnancy. My face, neck, lips, and hands are constantly chapped or needing some exfoliation. I have been using this facial cleanser and I have been using this body set to prevent stretch marks and keep my skin moisturized. 


I finally have cravings! I eat animal crackers every single day. I have been buying the Snackimal Animal Cookies and I eat them when I need a little snack. Lately, I have been going to bed earlier than James, but when he comes into the room to get ready for bed I usually wake up. Then of course, I realize I am hungry. Hence the animal crackers. James jokes how every night he hears me quietly crunching! 

I also have been eating a bowl of frozen berries with honey almost every night. It is my favorite after dinner snack. Although, I have been known to overdo it and make myself sick from eating too many bowls! 

What We Have Purchased:

We finally started buying a couple of things here and there, which has been pretty exciting. We bought his crib on sale at Pottery Barn and my best friend sent us the 4moms mamaRoo seat. It is seriously the most high tech little baby seat I ever did see! If you follow me on Snapchat (glamlifeliving), you might have seen us put Theodore (our dog) in it for a test run! And then yesterday at Target, I caught glimpse of this adorable little stuffed giraffe and had to have it! 

Nursery Theme: 

James painted the nursery a light grey color. We decided to keep things pretty neutral with grey, white, and some light blue. I love this nursery and how cute are these rabbit prints? I am loving the more rustic glam style with a masculine touch. Let’s face it, this boy has a momma who likes glam! 

Baby Name:

Once we picked the name, I was very torn with whether or not I wanted to share it on the blog. But our entire family knows the name, and have all started calling him by it. It is very trendy to wait to announce the name until the birth. But I thought it would be silly to keep it from you just because it was a popular thing to do. So, without further rambling, we decided to name our little boy Oliver. It was the only name I liked for a boy, and James finally came around to it. My grandmother’s father was named Oliver, which is an added bonus. I like that the meaning (olive tree) signifies fruitfulness, beauty, and dignity. I think he will be all of that and more to his mom and dad! 

Let me know if you like reading these types of posts. I’m not sure how often you are interested in hearing my pregnancy ramblings! But thanks for reading. Stop back soon! 


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  1. Gloria McDonnell
    May 17, 2017 / 12:45 pm

    Hannah, you look absolutely beautiful! I love the dress!!! Oliver’s nursery room is going to be so cute and the bunny prints are adorable.