3 Ways to Practice Living More Positively

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Each one of us have our own set of obstacles and challenges. We have days when it feels like nothing is going our way. It could be something as minor as blowing a tire on the way to work. Or it could be a much darker struggle that makes it difficult to get out of bed in the morning. Whatever challenges come our way, we have a choice of mindset. Negativity can cloud our vision and make us feel even more defeated. It is easy to become entrapped in its game. There have been a few moments recently when I have allowed negatvitiy to control my thoughts and dictate the way I have gone about my day. But I have made a choice to work to protect my positive mindset. I’m ready to make the changes necessary to live a happy and more positive life. Today I am sharing a few ways that I plan on practicing a more positive outlook.

1. Visualize the Outcome You Want

Whether it is an illness of a loved one, a project at work, or a stressful living situation, we often have a tendency to only visualize the worst case scenario. We get caught up in the picture and allow our thoughts to run wild, only bringing us more stress and frustration. But studies show that visualizing the outcome you want can truly help it to manifest itself. 

2. Stop Bad Thoughts in Their Tracks

When you hear those negative comments creep into your mind, speak to them out loud. Literally say, “STOP,” or “NO,” if you feel your thoughts getting cloudy. 

3. Expose Yourself to Uplifting People

Maybe you live in an area where you are unable to surround yourself with an ideal group of happy people. Don’t let that stop you! Reading positive and uplifting books is a great way to expose yourself to a fresh outlook. I just did a post called 8 Books for Boss Babes you can check out for a few recommendations! 

Start small. There are a million other ways out there to push us in the direction toward self love and positive thinking. But all great changes take time. Introduce a few strategies slowly and enjoy the journey to positivity. I am right there with you!

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