38 Week Bumpdate

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Pajamas: Target  Crib: Pottery Barn  Bedding: RHbaby Glider: Wayfair  Artwork: Homegoods


How Far Along

 38 weeks


 I still really haven’t had any overwhelming cravings. I have had ice cream on several occasions, but I think that is mainly because I am close to the end and I have been justifying eating a little worse than usual! 

Weight Gain

 23 lbs

Stretch Marks

No. The doctor does not think I will get them if I haven’t gotten them yet. I am crossing my fingers! 

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 I have been getting a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions recently. They don’t hurt too bad, but they are definitely uncomfortable. Baby is also really low, which puts so much pressure down there that it can be extremely tough to find relief. I have been sleeping a little better since going back to work, but that is probably because my body is extra tired. 

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How I’m Feeling

Third trimester has definitely been the hardest on my body. The constant baby kicks and movements are starting to be less cute, and a lot more uncomfortable. There have been a few moments recently where I have a had “wind knocked out of me” feeling from how hard he kicks. My belly is getting so big that I literally find myself hitting it against things all the time! I have even bumped a few students at school! I’m not at the desperate phase of “get this baby out of me,” just yet but I think I will be there very soon. 

38 weeks pregnant, bumpdate, pregnancy update, pregnant blogger, pregnancy pajamas

What I’ve Been Doing to Prepare

I went into a little bit of overdrive the last month or so. The nursery is basically finished aside from a few minor details that may or may not get done before his arrival. I have washed all of his baby clothes, blankets, and anything that will be making contact with him! We have our hospital bags packed, baby gear set up, and bassinet ready to go. I will go into a lot more details of what I did this whole trimester in an upcoming post. 

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What We’ve Purchased/ Received

I finally purchased my diaper bag. I ended up going with the Fawn Designs bag in the color gray. We also made the plunge with our stroller. I thought this robe was the perfect color blue to wear for the hospital pictures. And the other day we grabbed this adorable little hat for him to wear going home or for newborn photos. Lastly, I picked up some nursing essentials like the Bobby Pillow and this cover. A few weeks after the baby is born, I plan on writing up a post on all of my favorite newborn items so keep a look out for that!

38 week bumpdate, pregnancy update, pregnancy blog, maternity, pregnancy pjs, pregnancy style

Favorite Moments Recently

Now that I am at that point where he could literally come any day, I feel a type of adrenaline rush to accomplish all that I can. It has been a little crazy trying to prepare everything for work while I will be on maternity leave, but I am trying to take quite moments to myself. I love just sitting in my glider chair in the nursery and thinking about what it will be like when he is here. I know it is going to be really difficult with the lack of sleep, post pregnancy hormones, and painful recovery. But I am excited to met the person who I have been sacrificing so much for. 

Thanks for reading! Hopefully he will be here soon!