4 Style Tips for Summer Nights

black bell sleeve floral dress

Dress: Shein c/o  Bag: Rebecca Minkoff  Shoes: Similar 

There is something so romantic and fun about summer nights. You are constantly given an occasion to dress to impress between the dinners on outdoor patios, drive through movie dates, star gazing, and bonfires. On the island, which we stayed on for our honeymoon, it was tradition to change from your day clothes into something a little more dressy for the evening festivities. I enjoyed putting something a little prettier on as it made the night feel more intimate and special. When we change our outfit, we can change our preception of things. It might sound silly, but throwing back a few cocktails with an ocean view in a nice dress felt a lot more memorable than doing so in a bikini cover up. 

During these hot months, we often live in our swim wear and shorts as we lounge carefree basking in sun. And it is perfectly acceptable to embrace this look as the occasion calls for it.  But with all the parties, date nights, and get togethers, we are often left to pull something together last minute. There are a few style tips to remember that will allow you to get out the door ready for your nightly adventure without sacrificing fashion!

Style Tips for Summer Nights


  • Layering is Still a Good Idea: It’s no secret that the temperature often drops as the sun goes down. But even if you live in an area like Vegas and it never seems to cool; the buildings still run cold due to the pumping AC. So come prepared for the fluctuating temperatures by layering your clothing. 


  • Don’t Be Afraid of Black: I know bright colors are a summer staple, but black is always in style. Adding a modern twist to the iconic black dress is a great way to spice it up for summer. This floral bell sleeve dress has completely stolen my heart this season.


  • Add Some Flare. Literally: Bell sleeves have been a huge trend this year. Adding a little flare to your evening look can bring an element of surprise to your vibe.


  • Go for Print: Fashion prints can get more exotic and intricate to portray that vacation feel. Don’t hesitate to jump into trend by incorporating some print into your usual look. I love that this floral print still fits my style, while adding uniqueness to that iconic black. 

However you choose to spruce up your look for the evening, do it confidently. Summer nights can include a lot of adventure. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous in your clothing choices. Happy Friday! 

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