4 Tips to Set Yourself Up for a Good Week

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As I have mentioned on here before, since being pregnant, it has been difficult to keep up with all my duties and responsibilities. Especially during the First Trimester, I felt like I was constantly playing catch up and my apartment was in the state of utter disaster at all times. As I have regained my energy, I have slowly started to get the hang of balancing my life again. Now I am fully aware that once this baby comes, all balance will be thrown out the window yet again! But hey, let me have my moment! 

My husband and I’s phase has always been “Preparation is Victory.” And I realized that if I applied that phrase in other areas of my life, I would have more order and peace. Now let me preface this by saying my apartment seems to get messy by Wednesday, and there are days where I am throwing the entire contents of my fridge in my lunch bag for work. But if you do these things, I bet you will walk into this week feeling a lot more relaxed and at peace. So here are some of things I like to do either on Sunday or Monday to set myself up for a good week.

1. Do as Much Laundry as Possible 

I don’t know about you, but laundry seems to be never ending. But I noticed that if I didn’t take time on the weekend to do several loads, clothes would be everywhere throughout the whole week. Yesterday, I did all the laundry. Can I get an Amen?! And it feels so good to go into the week with fresh towels and a supply of underwear 😉

2. Plan Out Your Week 

Having a cute planner and some fun stickers is a great way to motivate you to write important tasks down. Even if things change, it is good to have a visual of all the events going on throughout the week. I like to get a new planner every Summer. I am thinking about picking up this Emily Ley Simplified Planner this year. In THIS blog post, I share my current planner and my favorite stickers! 

3. Write Down Dinner Ideas

Monday during my free hour at work, I like to make a list of dinner recipes I want to make or try out for the week. I will pick a day for each meal and make sure I have everything for at least the next two meals. I have noticed that my dinner plans have fluctuated a lot recently with company coming in and out of town, but I still like the security of having some ideas in place. 

4. Mentally Plan Out Some Outfits

Now this is not something I do all the time. But if I have some free time on Sunday or Monday nights, I like to look up the weather on my phone and see what items I can wear for the week. I hate scrambling to find something to wear in the morning, and I always feel more relaxed when I take the time to come up with some ideas. 

BONUS TIP: Know Your Traps

I know that I am terrible at packing a lunch for myself ahead of time. Most mornings, I am rummaging through my fringe, trying to pull something together. I also know that if I sleep in those extra ten minutes, it completely throws everything off in the morning. Set a system in place for your areas of weakness. Tonight, for example, I am going to try to cook some rice or other items so that I can have so lunch ideas ready to go. 

What are some of your favorite tips or advice for having a smooth week?

Hope your Monday is bright. Stop back soon!