5 Secrets to Online Shopping

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Top: Amazon/Shein;Similar, Similar Skirt: H&M  Bag: Rebecca Minkoff  Heels: Christian Louboutin  Lipstick: Dior Mysterious Matte 

We live in a digital age. Surprised? Didn’t think so. I am not sure if you have noticed, but things are starting to change pretty dramatically in the retail world. Walking through my local mall recently, I noticed that several stores that I used to shop in as a teenager were going out of business. Companies big and small are having to close their doors. The truth is we have become so internet savvy that we are not even shopping in stores anymore! 

This huge shift has its pros and cons. Nothing will ever replace the experience of walking into a beautiful shop and having a wonderful customer service experience that ends with you walking away with a gorgeous shopping bag filled with a few new treasures. But this change also means we need to learn how to shop smarter if we want to have access to the latest trends in both fashion and beauty. So, it’s time to smarten up ladies! Today, I am sharing some secrets that will help you navigate the great world of the internet! 

date night outfit, red lace skirt, fall fashion 20171. Know Your Measurements and General Sizes 

If you can only remember a single thing from this post, let it be this tip. The great thing about online shopping these days is that most brands have a sizing chart on their website. But how will a chart be of use to you if you do know your basic measurements of bust, waist, hips, etc? This self knowledge will make your whole online shopping experience stress free. I also recommend knowing your jean, dress, and top sizes of your favorite brands. 

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2. ALWAYS Read the Reviews

Never skip this step. The review section of a website is basically like a bunch of girlfriends offering you a pep talk before you make a big decision. Why not take advantage of some free advice! If you were about to walk off a cliff, wouldn’t you appreciate a warning? I have also found reviews to give fabulous indication how an item fits. Is it shorter than the image appears? True to size? Is the coloring true to the picture on the website? Reading the reviews will either save you from making a bad mistake or help you make a great purchase! 

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3. Be Honest with Yourself

Some styles look better on certain body types as opposed to others. I recommend taking a shopping trip in stores with the sole intention of experiencing with different styles. Go to a few of your favorite stores and try on a variety of items. How do you look in off the shoulder? Does a certain fabric make you feel itchy? Are styles with pleats flattering on you? If you know what styles compliment your body type, then you can go online shopping confident that the item will look good on you. 

black bell sleeve top with floral detailing, fall fashion 2017, fall trends

4. Know the Return Policy

Most websites offer great shipping and return deals. But make sure you know what you are signing yourself up for. Do they only do credit? Do you have to pay for the return label? How long does it take for the refund to show up in your bank? These are all great things to be aware of before you make a purchase. 

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5. Get on the Email List

I know we all have way too many emails in our inbox. But the pro to being on a company’s list is that they can remind you of huge sale days that you might have forgotten about. Brands often send out coupons and discounts via email that you cannot get in store. Maybe you completely blanked about Labor Day sales. Or didn’t realize Black Friday Deals were still in session. Emails may be annoying, but they often give deals and promotions you might have missed otherwise. 

And just in case you were curious, I thought I would list a few of my favorite places to online shop! 







Hope you found some of these useful for your next online shopping experience! If you have any secrets, please share below!