5 Tips on Dressing Cute Comfortably

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Top: Romwe   Jeans: Express  Bag: Rebecca Minkoff  Shoes: Chanel Dupes, Here

Dressing cute isn’t always a challenge; however, finding an outfit that is also comfortable can be. I have no problem stomping around in heels if it brings the outfit up a notch. But recently, I have been challenging myself to find a style that is easy, comfortable, and cute. Plus this momma to be needs a few pairs of flats in her life if she is going to be chasing around a little boy here soon! 

I think a lot of us revert to the typical yoga pants and sweatshirt routine for those days when we just want to feel comfortable while running errands or going about our day. I have been guilty of this a few times, especially during first trimester when I was trying not to vomit everywhere I went. We do this because we want to be out the door fast while being comfortable and not going through the “trouble” of picking out an outfit. But when I do this, I feel less positive and motivated. Putting on a cute outfit isn’t just about “impressing people” or looking good. It is about FEELING good too! Even on the days when I wake up late for work, I have made an effort to wear something that makes me feel confident. And the secret is all in the comfort! 

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1. Invest in Quality Flats

I have mentioned before that I always wear heels and I actually didn’t even own a pair of typical ballet flats. That was until recently. For my birthday, I invested in a couple of pairs of flats that were not only cute, but also good quality. Quality often means comfort. I am loving the look and feel of these Chanel ballet flat dupes

easy and comfortable style for the weekend

2. Carry a Smaller Bag

Most days I am lugging around a huge tote filled with everything under the sun. But is it really necessary to carry that much on a regular basis? On the weekends, I have been switching to smaller bags with only the basics and it has made my load a lot lighter. Literally! 

comfortable and easy style on a budget

3. Get Picky About Your Tops

Especially with today’s trends, tops have gotten more elaborate and exciting. And although I am all for a great bell sleeve or flirty ruffle, sometimes it can get downright uncomfortable! Pay attention to the fabrics of your tops. Before purchasing, make sure you think about how it will feel wearing for several hours at a time. This floral top is super comfy and only $13! 

easy weekend style

4. Stretch Fit Anyone? 

Pregnant or not, everyone loves a great pair of stretchy jeans. The best part about them is that they help you look put together, when in actuality it is basically like you are wearing leggings. These jeans have been great, especially while pregnant. I am still wearing my normal size 7 months pregnant because the fit is so great! 

Tips for Dressing Cute and Comfortable

5. Undergarments Actually Matter

We have all been there. You know the scene. Shifting around awkwardly as we try to adjust the “situation.” Whether it is an off the shoulder top, tight dress, or pair of shorts, make sure you are wearing the appropriate undergarments. Stock your closet with tights, camis, etc so that you can wear your favorite items without issue! 

white floral top, black jeans, and chanel flat dupes

Challenge yourself to step up your easy style look. Next time you run off to the grocery store, make it a little game to make your outfit just a tad nicer. Style doesn’t need to sacrifice comfortability. How will you make the change?

Happy Friday!