5 Ways to Treat Yourself Today

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Let’s be honest. We live in a world that overindulges. We tell ourselves that we deserve things because of how hard we have worked, what we have been through, or because we have been mistreated. And yes, life can be difficult, but we play the sympathy card with ourselves too often. I know I am guilty of it. “Today was such a hard day at work. I deserve to eat out. I will just treat myself to a yummy meal tonight.” I know girl, I KNOW! 

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How to Treat Yourself Today on Glam Life Living

5 Ways to Treat Yourself Today

But the truth is that there are a lot of people in this world that have it harder than us. MUCH harder. And we definitely deserve to be happy, but how often do we really treat ourselves to things that are good for our soul. Or good for our personhood. It isn’t bad to spoil yourself every once in a while. Just last Friday, I scheduled a little pamper day for myself and it was absolutely wonderful! But I also know that I don’t take enough time to appreciate all the things I do have and treat myself to things that our purely good for me. 

I get in this moods where I just want to shop. I love the experience of store hopping and exploring all the new products. But I have realized that there are also so many other things that I could do to treat myself that doesn’t require material things. Sometimes experiences can make us feel happier than anything. So today I wanted to bring you 5 Ways to Treat Yourself! These will feed your soul make you feel special. 

1. Go for a Walk/Run in a Beautiful Location

I recently picked up running again. And I can’t even begin to explain how much I missed it. I forgot what a joyful experience it can be, especially if you are surrounded by beauty. I have a man made lake about a mile down the road from me that I recently discovered. Making the time to stop there after work a couple times a week has made me feel more peaceful. I feel the stress and worry leaving my body, as I start to enjoy the simplicity of nature. Try it! 

2. Pick Up a New Book and ACTUALLY Read It.

Even though I might not have time to pick up a physical book everyday, I listen to an audio book on the way to work almost every single day. One of my favorite quotes is “You become the books you read.” Matthew Kelly. And I just think there is such truth to that. What you read affects your thinking, your thinking guides your actions, and your actions move the direction of your live. Read good books and your path will be straighter. 

3. Call a Close Friend

It is so hard to keep good communication with friends and family. Life is busy, and it can feel difficult to keep up with every else’s lives. But good conversation uplifts your mood and spirit. Calling a friend is a time invested wisely. Yesterday, I enjoyed a nice phone call with one of my best friends, and I immediately felt happier and more joyful. 

4. Take Some Time to Just “Be.”

This is so hard for me, I will admit. I am that person that has such a hard time sitting still during movies. I feel like I always need to be doing something. But with the chaos of life, it is important to slow down and take time for reflection. I love having “me time” in the bath. Sometimes I won’t bring a book, and I will just sit there and relax. Just sitting and being can be such a treat if you make the effort to relax your mind. 

5. Hang Out at Your Favorite Coffee Shop

I have a thing for coffee shops. I love trying new places and hanging out in new environments. This summer I would take my laptop, search for a new coffee shop, and then settle in and work on blog content. It was so peaceful and I really miss it. Whether you bring a friend or decide to go alone, simply having a cup of coffee and being a little productive can make you feel great. 

How will you treat yourself today?!