6 Luxury Beauty Products Worth the Price Tag

Expensive Beauty Products Worth Their Price Tag


When I feel stuck in a rut, one of the first things I have a tendency to change is my makeup routine. I will always be a beauty junkie at heart. If you have been reading the blog for a couple of years, then you know that I started this blog while I was working as a makeup artist and attending makeup school. And although the blog has developed to be much more than beauty, I still enjoy discovering new products. But the truth is that not all makeup goodies are created equal. Some items really are not more than a high price tag in pretty packaging. But there are some that really do stand out in the beauty world and hold the value of their high price point. Today I wanted to share a few of my favorite luxury beauty buys that I think are worth the money! 

Expensive Beauty Products Worth Their Price Tag1.YSL All Hours Foundation

I have always said that if there is one thing to spend your money on in your makeup routine it should be your foundation. A good base sets the canvas for the rest of your look. And don’t we all wish we had flawless skin? A high quality foundation should make it look like you do! Recently, I picked up the new YSL All Hours Foundation and I am obsessed with it ability to provide a high amount of coverage, while still looking skin like. It has been a great option for my combination skin. 

2. Dior Liquid Lipstick

Liquid lipsticks were such a ground breaking item in the makeup world because of their ability to provide hours of wear without any touch ups. The issue that many of us had was that the formulas often left the lips looking dry and cracked. The new Dior liquid lipsticks have rocked my lipstick loving universe. It is by far the best formula I have ever worn. It leaves the lips looking smooth and beautifully colored for hours on end. 

3. Jo Malone Fragrances

Fragrance is another one of those items that is well worth the money if you find a scent you love that actually lasts long on the skin. Not only do Jo Malone fragrances smell intoxicating, but they are also high quality and last long on the body. My favorite scent is Peony and Blush Suede

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4. Alterna Caviar CC Cream 

Alterna’s hair care line in general is one of the best. I have loved almost everything I have tried from their line including their shampoo, conditioner, and hairspray. This CC Cream is also a favorite of mine. Investing in your hair can mean preventing some serious damage. This cream is meant to be applied to towel dried hair and it provides 10 hair benefits including heat protection, smoothness, anti-breakage,etc. 

5. Ouai Hair Oil

If you haven’t added a hair oil to your routine, you must! Oils make for a great last step in your hair styling. Rub some onto the ends of your hair and your locks will be looking silky and smooth. Ouai’s hair oil also protects against damage, color fading, and seals split ends. 

6. Kiehls’s Creme De Corps Body Lotion 

Moisturizers can be completely useless if they are made of the wrong ingredients. Kiehls products are made of ingredients that actually benefit the body. I love the way this lotion makes my skin look and feel. With continued use, it can completely change extremely dry and dehydration skin to be smooth and hydrated. 

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Bonus: Charlotte Tilbury Lip Products

Lip products by Charlotte Tilbury are the epitome of luxury. From the stunning color choices, vanilla scent, and gorgeous packing, what isn’t to love? Well being a fan of their lippies, I decided to try the new liquid lipsticks that launched. I purchased the shade Platinum Blonde, which is a gorgeous peachy nude. I am obsessed with the color. Some may find the formula to be too mousse like, and I will admit it isn’t my favorite formula. But I had to mention it because their color choices are so beautiful! This is one of the shades I have been wearing on Snapchat (glamlifeliving) recently as well! 

What are some of your luxury beauty buys that you find to be worth the price tag? Leave a comment with your suggestions!