7 Legging Rules to Follow

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Sweater: Simple Addiction Leggings: Simple Addiction Coat: ASOS Boots: Vince Camuto 

“It’s a new era in fashion- there are no rules.” Alexander McQueen 

Okay so maybe there are no hard set rules in the world of style. But there are definitely a few suggestions. You can take a look into a mirror and have a feeling whether or not an outfit is working for you. Some items of clothing have stood out in the timeline of fashion as being extremely controversial. Leggings are one of the top items that can make even those with no interest in style to come out with strong opinions on the subject. 

So let’s get controversial! Is it acceptable to throw on your college sweatshirt and a pair of solid black leggings for a last second grocery run? Should they stay in the confines of the gym facility? What about the classic sweater, leggings, and boots look? 

These are no hard set rules, but they are 7 ways I believe leggings can help you look fashionable and chic. 

1. When Your Actually Working Out, You Get a Free Pass

Workout clothes are meant for that exact purpose. The fact is you can perform better in materials that stretch and move. Of course it is perfectly fine to sport your favorite pair of leggings for your run. 

2. If They Are Acting Like Pants, Cover Your Butt

I find that when you wear a long sweater or cardigan that covers your bum area, it makes the whole ensemble look more like an outfit and less like loungewear. 

3. Unless They Are Made of Faux Leather

I’m not sure why, but this type of material just works without needing that extra coverage. I think it is because it is made of a thicker material that creates the illusion of wearing actual pants as opposed to leggings. 

4. They Are Always Better Paired with Boots

There is a reason this look is every college girl’s most worn look. It just works! Over the knee, riding, or bootie, you can’t go wrong with a pair of solid black leggings and a pair of boots! 

5. Save the Crazy Prints for Home

Prints in general are fading. One minute strips are in and the next they are out. Patterns can date a look and make it seem unfashionable. Solid prints generally work well with any look! *The exception to this rule is workout clothes!

6. Bring on the Layers

Throw on a denim or leather jacket to create a chic factor. That way you are pairing both comfort and style. 

7. Wear Them with Your Shorter Dresses

They really are a great secret weapon when it comes to wearing those items in your wardrobe that are just a tad too short for work. Pair your solid black leggings with your go to dress and a pair of boots for a chic and easy work look. 

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Happy Monday! 

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