7 Reasons I Love Living in Las Vegas

Reasons I Love Living in Vegas

I’m not much of a gambler and I have not turned into an exotic dancer, so why would I like to live in “sin city”? Vegas has so many other amazing things to experience and today I am sharing 7 reasons why I love to live in the place that people travel all over the world to come and forget all their troubles! 

I actually had to get up and leave everything in our home in New York to move to Las Vegas with my husband due to his new job. But thankfully God’s plan is often better than our own. He never stops giving us a sense of adventure!

Las Vegas LivingLiving in Las VegasKate Spade in the DesertReasons I Love Las VegasCactus GardenKate Spade Bag in the Desert 1. Day to Day Adventure

There is never a dull moment here in fabulous Las Vegas and you will never run out of options for daily activities! From fancy restaurants to exotic shows, you always have a way to spend your weekends.

2. Shopping Heaven

Somedays I feel like I died and went to shopping heaven! Between the outlet malls, outdoor plazas, and hotels filled with luxurious shops, your options are never ending with finding something amazing to get your hands on!

3. See Ya Later Snowy Weather!

Guys, I never want to go back to living in snow again! It is such a pain to shovel your car out a wintery wonderland. The weather in Vegas has been sunny and in the 70s for over month. I know it is going to get blazing hot, but I’d take that over snow any day!

4. The Convenience of a King

Growing up in a small town, I was very used to having to drive a long time to get to the places I really wanted to go. But being here, I have everything I could possible want within a few mile radius. I actually danced like a crazy person in the parking lot when I first drove through our main shopping strip.

5. The Never Ending Vacation

With all the palm trees and beautifully planted flowers, you constantly feel like you are living in a tropical paradise. Even though you have to go to work, you still feel like you are driving through an exotic wonderland.

6. Travel The World 

Getting a glimpse at the wonders of the world by the mock buildings and out of country experiences such as the Egyptian Pyramids, Eiffel Tower, or going on a gondola ride through Venice make you feel like you are traveling through another land and experiencing their treasures.

7. Climb Every Mountain!

The mountains take your breath away here in Las Vegas. There is something so romantically strenuous on climbing the mountains at Red Rock. As you walk next to such beauty, you can’t help but be in awe of the creator.

Happy Friday!