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I am sure we all have a love/ hate relationship with traveling. We love seeing familiar faces or experiencing new places, but I mean how many people actually enjoy getting on an airplane just to have all the moisture sucked out of you, and land with not so cute plane hair?! I’ll be honest and say the only thing I like about traveling is how much reading I get done. Other than that, I just do not care for planes. But I know with the Holiday season a lot of us will be headed off to visit family and friends. I am going to New York again for Christmas. So, I thought that I would share some of my tried- and- true travel tips to help some of my girls (or guys!) who aren’t so keen on traveling either! 

How to Travel in Style

Pink Scarf and Cheetah Beanie on Glam Life Living 8 Travel Tips and Travel OutfitTravel Outfit with Pink Scarf and Cheetah Beanie More Issues Than Vogue Sweatshirt |8 Travel Tips|Travel Outfit with More Issues Than Vogue SweatshirtTravel Outfit and 8 Travel Tips

1. Dress for Comfort 

Dressing to be comfortable doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice cuteness! I love wearing statement sweatshirts or t-shirts for traveling because they put me in a fun and happy mood. When I look in the terrifying airport bathroom mirror and see a funny slogan, I am in better spirits. I have been wearing this More Issues Than Vogue sweatshirt for my travels recently. 

2. Wear a Scarf

Even if you are traveling during the Summer months, I highly recommend wearing at least some type of scarf. They can work easily as a blanket if it gets a little chilly on the ride over. I try to bring a huge one so I really can bundle up if necessary. This pink one is from H&M. 

3. Master the Art of Layering

Because the temperature and climate fluctuate so much during traveling, I defiantly suggest wearing a bunch of light layers. A simple t shirt, sweater, and jacket combo is always a great option. I also throw on a scarf and hat just in case. I actually love traveling with hats because it can hide scary plane hair when you land! Oh and it never hurts to throw a pair of fuzzy socks in your purse so your feet can be comfy on the ride over too! 

T3 Featherweight Travel Size Blow Dryer

4. Invest in a Travel Sized Blow Dryer

I recently picked up the T3 Soft Pink Featherweight Blow Dryer and I am obsessed with it. I got a deal on it during Black Friday, but it is so nice that I have been using it on a daily basis. But as I am sure as you have experienced, it can be hard to find a nice blow dryer when traveling. Hotel dryers are terrible and family and friends don’t often have the most effective ones! This one is so lightweight and small that it can easily fit in your bag. 

5. Stock Up on Makeup Minis

Instead of bringing my whole makeup bag on the plane, I bring a small bag that is full of my favorite makeup products in the mini size. I will often use my Sephora points to stock up on my mini items. Traveling is also the perfect excuse to use any other sample sized products you have laying around the house. 

Makeup Minis |8 Travel Tips|

6. Bring Earplugs!

This was a lifesaver during my trip to New York over Thanksgiving Break. I was not only able to tune out during my red eye flight, but it also helped during my stay when my nieces were up and about before I was ready to wake up! You never know when they might come in handy. 

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7. Take Care of Your Skin

My skin freaked out during my recent travels. But I will talk about how I got it back to normal in Wednesday’s blog post. But I recommend preventing travel breakouts by drinking a TON of water before you leave and to eat as healthy as possible. I relied on my Indian Aztec Clay Mask to get me through the week while my skin was still acting up. 

8. Use a Tote Bag as a Personal Item

I personally like to go for tote bags as personal items because they help keep my items organzied. Before I leave, I also like to take the time to compartmentalize my items into smaller bags in my tote. I try to keep things as organized as possible so that it doesn’t get too shifted around during the flight. 

That’s it for today! I hope you found a few of these tips helpful. 

P.S If you want to see how I pack for a trip, click HERE

Who else will be traveling soon? Tell me where you are going in the comment section below! 


  1. December 5, 2016 / 4:55 pm

    Your scarf is SO pretty and these tips are so great!


  2. December 5, 2016 / 5:22 pm

    Perfect tips! I couldn’t agree more with #7. Traveling can be HORRIBLE for your skin.

    Katie | WillowAndWhiteBlog.com

  3. August 1, 2017 / 5:57 am

    This is perfect. I want this travel outfits too. Thanks for sharing.