8 Ways to Update Your Bedroom for Spring

8 Ways to Get Your Bedroom Spring ReadyIs it just me or does everyone enjoy throwing their stuff away after the dead winter is over and the warm weather is upon us? I am a Spring cleaning freak, and I am not ashamed of it! There is a sick kind of pleasure I gain from ditching the items in my home that I am not in love with anymore. This Spring I am in the mood to clean out all areas of the apartment. Starting with the bedroom!

Glam Bedroom |8 Ways to Get Your Bedroom Spring Ready|

Your bedroom should be your safe haven.  A place of rest and relaxation. The bedroom should be your favorite place in your home because it is there where you can truly enjoy the peacefulness of life. So I believe your bedroom should be as luxurious as possible! And Spring is the perfect time to update it to look and feel more airy and inviting! Here are a few tips and tricks I pulled together to help get your bedroom Spring ready.Blush Bedroom|Get Your Bedroom Spring Ready|

1. Replace Your Duvet Cover

It’s time to ditch that heavy winter blanket and switch to a colorful duvet cover! Spring and Summer is the perfect time to incorporate a little fun into your bedroom. The easiest way to do this is to pick up a new duvet in a bright or bold color. This Blush color is absolutely gorgeous!

2. Change Your Throw Pillows

Pillows really can help to make a statement in any room of the house. But if you want a simple change, then opt for a few new throw pillows in floral patterns or soft pastels. This will bring the Spring vibe into your room without breaking the bank.

3. Incorporate Floral Arrangements 

Fresh flowers look stunning anywhere, but having them next to your nightstand when you wake up in the morning immediately starts your day on a happy note.8 Ways to Get Your Bedroom Spring Ready

4. Update Your Picture Frames and Vases

Another budget friendly option is to change out your picture frames and vases to bright and bold patterns or textures. This will bring some color into the room without overwhelming the space.

5. Brighten Up Your Sheets

Every household needs several sets of sheets. So why not have a set that brings a soft statement to a room. This French Blue set is stunning!

6. Stack Colored Books on Your Nightstand

I am sure if you hunt around your place, you will find several books that could bring a bold touch to your bedroom. Stack two or three on your nightstand to give both dimension and attitude to your space.Yellow and Grey Bedroom| Update Your Bedroom for Spring|

7. Switch Your Curtains to Sheer Fabric

In the winter time, we often want to curl up in a ball and bring on any kind of warmth to our sleeping area. But in the Spring, it is so lovely to let in as much sunlight as possible to encourage an attitude of playfulness. Switching to more sheer fabric curtains will let more light into your room and give it that airy feeling.

8. Add a Vibrant Throw 

If you don’t want to do change too much in your bedroom, simply adding a patterned or brightly colored throw blanket will add a little extra something to your room. I think this one and this one are quite fun!

How will you be updating your bedroom for Spring? Share your ideas in the comment section below!

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