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8 Ways to Update Your Bedroom for Spring

8 Ways to Get Your Bedroom Spring ReadyIs it just me or does everyone enjoy throwing their stuff away after the dead winter is over and the warm weather is upon us? I am a Spring cleaning freak, and I am not ashamed of it! There is a sick kind of pleasure I gain from ditching the items in my home that I am not in love with anymore. This Spring I am in the mood to clean out all areas of the apartment. Starting with the bedroom!


5 Tips for Purchasing Home Decor

5 Tips for Purchasing Home DecorSome women are addicted to adding new shoes to their collection; others are obsessed with having designer clothes in their wardrobe. I; however, am the self-proclaimed home decor addict. One of my favorite hobbies is heading to my local Homegoods and picking out new pieces to add to my apartment. I have even been known to bring little Theodore (my puppy) along with me to help me choose some new items. I am constantly thinking about trinkets or furniture our apartment might be missing or trying to find new ways to freshen up certain rooms in the place. (more…)

How to Style Your Nightstand + Nightstand Tour

How to Style Your Nightstand + Nightstand TourWhether yours is covered in old tissues from sobbing over your latest breakup or contains piles of books you will “read eventually,” we are all guilty of having a stash of random trinkets on our nightstand. Nightstands have become quite a focus for bedroom decor and can be a lovely way to spruce up your bedroom. I also read recently that what is on your nightstand says a lot about a you! So I decided it would be fun to show what goodies are hanging around my bedside table as well as some decor inspiration for your nightstand! So whether you are just curious what objects I like to keep by my bed or your looking to spruce up your bedroom, check out what’s on my nightstand! (more…)