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Neon Pink in Las Vegas

Neon Pink Shirt and Cat Eye Sunglasses

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For those of you that are still suffering with that awful cold and snowy weather, I send you my deepest condolences! Just Kidding! But seriously, the weather plays such a huge factor in my mood. When It is dark and gloomy, I just want to stay in all day and do nothing. But when the weather is nice, I feel like getting all dolled up and heading out for an afternoon in the sun! (more…)

What’s In My Bag?

What's in My Purse?I am a curious person. Chances are if I have been over to your house, I have probably snooped through your medicine cabinet! I know I am nosey, but I just can’t help myself! I think I just love knowing what other people are loving and using. I have this sickening desire to know what the best products are. And I of course love trying new things! That is unless it is my favorite item on a menu! |Bag Here|What's In My Bag?

With this curious tendency, I obviously love reading posts like this that allow me to know the contents of someone else’s life. I especially love knowing what other girls are carrying around in their purse. Let’s face it, if it is in your purse it is probably very important!

Today I am giving you a peak into my bag! These are the goodies I carry around with me on a daily basis.What's In My Purse?Planner | Hand Cream| Lipgloss |Sunglasses| Roller Ball|

What's In My BagWallet |YSL LipsticksWhat's In My Bag?

Bag| Mirror| Lip Balm| RoseBud Salve| Roller Ball|

What goodies do you carry around on a daily basis?!

Neons for Spring

Neons for Spring

I have given into Spring trends. Even though it is still February, I am so ready for bold and bright colors! Weather has always been able to affect my mood, which is why I am so thankful that weather has been so beautiful here in Vegas for the past week. I am so done with dark vampy colors and I am moving onto the pinks, neons, and bolds!

Neons are a huge trend for Spring Fashion. And thought they might seem intimidating, they are actually fairly easy to pull off! The key with wearing a neon piece is to make it the focus of the outfit. Allow the rest of the outfit to be more neutral and soft so that the neon is the main attraction.

I recent picked up a pair of neon green heels that I am dying to wear as well! If you are a little nervous to try this trend, I would suggest starting with something like a neon bag or belt as the statement piece. Have some fun with it! Don’t be afraid to stop some traffic!

Neon Skirt: Similar

Neons for Spring DSC_0315Neon Skirt

Little White Dresses


Okay Brides!

The spotlight is on you! If you have recently gotten engaged, have an upcoming bridal event, or just love obsessing of the day you finally do find price charming and get to wear that beautiful white dress (or dresses in this case!) than this post is for you! (more…)

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