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6 Summer Tops Under $22

6 Summer Tops under $22

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It’s no secret that I am a dress wearing kind of girl. But looking through my closet last weekend really made me realize that my top collection is a little pathetic. Revamping your closet for Summer doesn’t need to cost you a lot. There are so many adorable and trendy tops on the market that will make your Summer wardrobe a lot more exciting without breaking the bank. (more…)

A Nude Dress That Will Stand the Test of Time

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Step Up Your Summer Look in 5 Easy Steps

Step Up Your Summer Look with a Retro Twist


Creating the Perfect Makeup Routine

Creating Your Signature Makeup Look

With so many beauty gurus on the Internet these days, it can be really difficult to figure out which products you actually need or what will work for you and your everyday needs. I am the first to admit that I have more makeup than I need. But I have cut down significantly on the new products I purchase. I have finally found a makeup routine that I love and continually go back to again and again. The key is finding some products that work for you and your everyday life!  (more…)

4 Tips on Finding Inspiration + DIY Vision Board

4 Tips for Regaining Inspiration + DIY Vision Board for Home OfficeI have always been a pretty determined person. Starting around 7th grade, I realized that school didn’t come easy for me. I struggled in a couple of classes, and realized that if I wanted to get good grades, then I was going to have to work a little harder than everyone else. By 8th grade, I was a straight A student and I stayed that way all the way through college. Now, by no means do I write that to brag. I say this because some things come easier to some people than others. But that doesn’t mean that with a little extra effort, we can’t also achieve those same things.  (more…)

Ruffle Sleeve Top for Any Body Type

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Top: Shein c/o  Jeans: Here  Heels: Valentino Dupes, Real   Bag: Louis Vuitton  Watch: Kate Spade


23 Week Bumpdate + Name Reveal

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Dress: Shein c/o  Lipstick: YSL 31 Crib: Pottery Barn  Baby Seat: 4moms mammaRoo  Stuffed Giraffe: Target


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