The Busy Girl’s Guide to Fitness

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A busy schedule is the number one excuse for a nonexistent fitness routine. I am definitely guilty of leaving working out to the bottom of my priority list. “I don’t have time.” “I like my body the way it is.” And even, “I am so exhausted from today’s crazy work schedule,” are all statements my brain uses to get me out of moving my body. Yes, sometimes they are straight up excuses, but other times they are the spoken truth. 

I think many of us have the desire to make physical activity and exercise a part of our routine again, but we feel like we have no time. The truth is we could all make time. But I think it all depends on where your priorities lie. My time often feels better spent when I am cuddling my baby after a long work day, banging out a new blog post for you all, or reading a few pages of my newest book obsession. But in all honesty, I have missed the feeling of accomplishment and energy that working out used to bring me. So I have decided to make a few changes that will bring fitness to the top of my priority list amidst my busy schedule. And you can too!  

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1. Multitasking Is Okay 

I am sure you have heard the line that goes something like, “You might be able to do two things at once, but not effectively.” Well I actually think that is not always the case. Being a new mom, spending quality time with my baby boy is important to me. But I am realizing that I can fit some physical activity into my schedule by involving him! Evening walks, Youtube fitness videos, and mommy and baby workouts are great ways to spend that time with your kids while sweating it out. 

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2. Track Your Steps 

Making a daily fitness goal and keeping track of it is a great motivation tool. Fitness and smart watches are all the rage now with the ability to track steps, set goals, check texts, and even keep up with emails. I have been using the Misfit Vapor Watch to keep me on track in my fitness and personal goals despite the unexpected events that pop up day to day. If you are curious about the watch, I have a quick video featuring it at the end of the post!

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3. Wake Up Earlier

The truth is that all of us are pretty busy people. And sometimes the only way to make time is simply to get up earlier. This is something I have been wanting to incorporate into my daily routine for a while now. But I already wake up at 6:00 am every day and the thought of getting up any earlier is so tough! But I am setting my alarm just 15 minutes earlier today and vowing not to hit the snooze button! Even if we just take a few moments to stretch and meditate, I bet we will be grateful we had the will power to do it!

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What are some of your favorite ways to make fitness a top priority in your life? Let’s motivate each other to accomplish those 2018 goals in the comment section below! 

P.S Don’t forget to check out the quick video below! Thanks for reading. 

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