A Classic and Romantic Valentine’s Day Look

classic red dress Valentine's Day look

The big V Day is coming up in less than two weeks. This year I will save you my speech as to why you should like Valentine’s Day even if you are not in a relationship. It really can be about so much more if you let it. But if you are planning on a romantic dinner with your boo or a fun night out with your girls, it is time to start thinking about what to wear! 

It is no secret that red and pink are the typical uniform for the love centered Holiday. So if you are looking for a classic look to celebrate the occasion, I got you covered! Last year, the hubby and I went for something low key with a romantic dinner at home. If you are looking to do something similar, I have a blog post on the exact meal and tablescape we did. If you do check out the post, please excuse my awful hair that needed to be colored horribly! I also have a list of 15 Underrated Romance Movies you could choose from to finish off your easy night at home.

This year I think James and I will be going out for dinner. This momma is excited about an excuse to get all dressed up for a quiet dinner with the two of us. I will probably end up wearing this fit and flare dress or another dress that will probably be on the blog next week. Have you started thinking about what you will be wearing for the occasion? Link any ideas you have below! Thanks for reading and happy Friday! 

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