The Complete Guide to Every Trimester of Pregnancy

The Complete Guide to Every Trimester of Pregnancy
Pregnancy truly is a roller coaster ride. It starts out slow and easy and then it transitions to some bumps in the journey with the morning sickness and exhaustion. You feel the thrill and excitement in the second trimester as you work your way up the hill ready to take the plunge. Then in the third trimester, you drift into a downward rush of nervousness and excitement as you move through the loops and turns. And finally, you will arrive to your destination having felt an array of emotions. 

I found the greatest sense of ease and usefulness by reading blog posts and articles. I took everything I read with a grain of salt, but I also felt that there wasn’t a single resource that I found to be a one stop shop to answer all my pregnancy questions. I want this post to be that guide for you. Whether you are entering the beginning of your pregnancy journey, or just a single girl dreaming of the future; I want this to be a resource for you. Think of it as an index for all things pregnancy related! Hopefully you will find it helpful during the exiting journey ahead. Here is my complete guide to every trimester of pregnancy. 

First Trimester: 

I didn’t find out I was pregnant until I was about 4 weeks. Around week 7, I started to get morning sickness. This first trimester is really about surviving. Dealing with the fatigue and sickness can be difficult while juggling a job and other responsibilities. Just focus on making it through. This too shall pass! 

What I Did

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Second Trimester:

Soak in this time of bliss! Enjoy getting your energy back (it may come back slowly, but it will come!). You will start to feel more like yourself again and be able to accomplish a lot more. I tried not to obsess over the pregnancy at this time. I just lived life and tried my hardest to go about my regular business. Enjoy this time and soak in this last bit of independence. You have the whole last trimester to put your game face on!

What I Did

  • Had our anatomy ultrasound at 18 weeks and found out we were having a boy! 
  • Shot the gender reveal pictures and revealed it on Easter. See the post HERE
  • Finalized the baby’s name and revealed it HERE
  • We started the nursery: We painted it and purchased the crib and glider. 
  • Read Bringing Up Bebe
  • Started using Burt’s Bees Belly Butter and Vasseur Skincare Oil on my tummy to prevent stretch marks. I didn’t get any! 

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Third Trimester:

Now it is time to get serious about preparing for baby. We had a few early labor scares, so that really motivated me to get as much done as possible. I went a little Pinterest crazy and tried to accomplish every to do list. Please take it from me. Relax. Try to get stuff done, but also know the world doesn’t stop once baby comes. You are not preparing for the apocalypse, just a cute little nugget! 

What I Did

  • Had my baby showers.
  • Took a tour of the hospital. 
  • Took a Baby Basics class, Prepared Childbirth class, and Breastfeeding class that my hospital offered. 
  • Finished the nursery. 
  • Made a Postpartum Care Kit. 
  • Washed and folded all the baby clothes.
  • Purchased last minute newborn essentials
  • Bought my diaper bag
  • Packed my hospital bag around 35 weeks. See the full post HERE
  • Stockpiled the apartment with paper towels, toilet paper, and other household items. 
  • Installed our carseat.
  • Downloaded a contraction timer app (which I didn’t use since I was induced) and a breastfeeding app
  • Purchased breastfeeding essentials.
  • This blog post was super helpful for me with the last few months of preparation. I did everything on the list, but remember not to stress yourself out with getting everything done. 

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