Creating the Perfect Makeup Routine

Creating Your Signature Makeup Look

With so many beauty gurus on the Internet these days, it can be really difficult to figure out which products you actually need or what will work for you and your everyday needs. I am the first to admit that I have more makeup than I need. But I have cut down significantly on the new products I purchase. I have finally found a makeup routine that I love and continually go back to again and again. The key is finding some products that work for you and your everyday life! 

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Get Your Base Right

Having a good base is the most important step in your beauty routine. It all starts with making your skin look good. Finding a solid primer and a foundation that is your color and coverage preference is the first goal. I have a post all about foundations HERE that you can read to get more details on picking the perfect one. 

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Pretty Up Those Cheeks

This step is one you don’t want to skip. Bronzer, blush, and highlighter might be some items that you are tempted to rush through when you are in a hurry. But I find that these products are what add life and color to your face! Don’t be afraid of a little shimmer with products like highlighter or a pretty luminous blush. 

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Define Your Eyes

Looking back at old photos, I cringe seeing those intense 7th grade black eye liner days. Defining your eyes is important, but don’t feel the need to create thick black lines! Pick a few eye shadow colors in a neutral shade, lightly line your eye area, and finish with a good mascara. I often go the drugstore route with my eye products. Except I am still hooked on this Lorac Eye Shadow Palette! 

How to Create a Signature Makeup Look

Pucker Up!

I feel so naked without lipstick. In the morning, even if I know I am about to drink coffee and smear off all that product, I still apply it! A look just doesn’t seem complete before lipstick! I have been relying on liquid lipstick formulas lately because they last so much longer throughout the day. And this girl doesn’t always have time to reapply! Bareminerals GEN NUDE Liquid Lipstick in Swag has been my current go to! 

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Sticking to these products has made the getting ready process so much easier for me in the morning. But I know that when life with a newborn hits, I will have to find a way to simplify it even more. But for now, I am going to enjoy my morning glam! 

Thanks for reading. Stop back soon!