How to Dress Casually Chic FAST!

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Cardigan:  Rosegal  Jeans: Vigoss  Bag: Louis Vuitton  Sunglasses: Henri Bendel  Heels: Express  Watch: Michael Kors

Although I could probably live in a dress if I had to, sometimes they just don’t cut it. Depending on the weather or the outing, a more casual look with jeans is the better choice. Dressing casual is actually a little hard for me. What can I say, I just feel more comfortable in a pair of heels! But the reality is, sometimes you got to tone it down a little. You could easily switch out the heels in this look for a pair of converse or flats, which would make it even more wearable. But you know me, I gotta have my heels! 

When I want to look put together without going overboard, there are a couple of steps I take to ensure I can get ready fast and easy. I like to follow a simple outfit formula, and then I’m set and ready to go. 

1. Grab a Pair of White Jeans

As always, white jeans are super on trend for Summer. And there is just something about them that feels more clean, crisp, and put together. They feel a little more dressed up then your typical denim. 

2. Go Neutral with Your Blouse

If you are in a hurry, it is best to sick to a neutral colored top. Better yet, a top that you know looks good on you. Black is aways a good idea; however, make sure you pair it with another layer in a different color so you don’t look like you are into the catering business! 

3. Have a “Go to” Dressy Cardigan 

Cardigans are a closet staple all times of year. But it is fun to add some feminine detailing or bright color for Summer. I love both the color and lace trim of this cardigan, which makes it a little more dressy. 

4. Pick Your Staple Accessories 

A nice pair of sunnies, a statement bag, watch, and jewelry are things every woman should have on hand. Pick one of each item and make it your, well I can’t say what I want to say, but I think you get the point. It’s easy to have these items picked out ahead of time and grab them when needed. You probably grab them already without even thinking. 

It really is all about having an outfit formula and a few closet staples. And accessories really can make or break any outfit. So don’t neglect them!

What is your “go to” chic outfit? Thanks for reading! 

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