How to Dress like a Parisian

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I have had a love affair with Paris for as long as I can remember. My child mind would day dream about the day I would catch a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower and walk the streets softly whispering “bonjour,” to everyone that I met. The vision became a reality when I had the opportunity to travel abroad during my college days. Everything about Paris screams sophistation and luxury. Even as small young ones, we are drawn to its romantic persona. My niece is obsessed with the Parisian way at only the age of 7. There are countless books and articles that talk about mastering the art of Partisan style. The fact of the matter is Parisian woman are chic! 

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Old Hollywood films have only encouraged my obsession as I lust after the beautifully structured silhouettes and elegant styles. Currently How to Steal a Million, starring Audrey Hepburn, is playing in the background. There are a few design styles that stand out as having that Paris chic look. Now, I am not one to embody this style on a daily basis, but I have watched enough 1950s movies to have taken a way a few tips! 

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1. Structure, Structure, Structure!

Look for clothing items that have a lot of shape to them. Well made coats, jackets, and bags that are structured will be worth the investment. 

tory burch bag, accessories, fashion blogger style

2. Look for Tweed Fabric

This is the one material that stands out as being extremely Parisian. Get the print in a jacket or even dress, like this one I am wearing. 

fashion blogger, vintage style, tan tweed dress

3. Collars on Everything

You are no longer limited to the classic collared button up shirt. Paris women have them on everything from dresses, jackets, blouses, and coats. 

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4. Bow Tie Detailing

This is definitely an iconic statement of the chic Parisian woman. I am loving these classy dress styles with the bow tie tips! 

vintage dress, tweed dress, chanel dress dupe, fashion blogger

Adding these four style elements to your everyday wardrobe will give make you feel like a chic Parisian lady . What are your thoughts on this iconic style look? Would you try it? Share your thoughts below!

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