The Easiest Summer Outfit

Hot Pink Top for Summer

If I know one thing that is for certain, it is that I will be having my husband follow me around with a giant palm branch fanning me all Summer. Okay obviously, that isn’t true, unless I can convince him… just kidding! Or am I? Anyway, last Summer was our initiation into Vegas heat with 115 degree temperatures. To say that I am not thrilled in the least about being pregnant in those conditions is an understatement! To be honest, Summer is my least favorite time for fashion and style because we just don’t have as many layers to work with to add texture. So we have to be bold with the items that we have. 

Summer is really about “no fuss” looks and styles. We want comfortable and easy. All of us need to stock up on our favorite camis in some fun colors to be Summer ready. This hot pink one is a little big, but I like that it can grow with me as my belly does! In terms of Summer uniform, you can’t go wrong by throwing on a bright cami, pair of jeans, bold earrings, and a giant bag. Normal people would also add flip flops or sandals. But we all know I have an issue wearing anything but heels! 

When you are picking up your Summer wardrobe staples, remember not to be afraid to get a little bold in your usual styles. Even if color isn’t your usual area of choice, try to step outside your comfort zone with at least some pastels! “Shine a little brighter, darling!” 

P.S would you believe it was actually raining ten minutes before taking these photos? We actually had to wait in the car until the rain stopped. #vegasweatherisweird 

Stay bold ladies! Stop back soon! 

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