False Lashes 101



Lashes are everything. They really can transform a whole makeup look, instantly enabling the person to look even more glamourous. All girls, even if you are a little hesitant of popping on a pair of falsies, love a good mascara. Women obsess over having their lashes voluminous, thick, full, long, black, etc. And most of us are constantly out to find the mascara from heaven. The one that will change everything. There is a reason that women will put on a little mascara on if nothing else. It is because lashes are EVERYTHING! I honestly think women prioritize their lashes because they are feminine. They make us feel sexy, flirty, and girly. You feel more like a woman with a little mascara. The unfortunate part is that not all of us were blessed with the most doll like lashes. But no fear, Falsies are here!

Since I was in high school, I have always been curious about false lashes. For my dances and special events, I would always spend time struggling in the mirror for long periods of time, trying desperately to apply those little beauties. I somehow always managed to get them on my eyes; however, they were either popping off or there were traces of glue along my lashes line. How cute! In college, I strayed away from lashes because of the fear that they would look as unnatural as they did in my younger years. Finally, I decided to give them another chance. And I am so happy I did!


I spent so much time trying to master the art of applying false lashes, and after lots of practice and a little research, I finally feel a lot more confident in my application process. I thought I would share with you some tips on applying false lashes.

Here is what you will need: Tweezers, lash glue, small scissors, a mirror (a small beauty or desk mirror is best), mascara, eyeliner, and of course the falsies of your choice!

1. Lashes range from very natural to extremely dramatic. The first question you should ask yourself is “how glamorous do I want to look?” If you are simply looking to enhance your natural lashes, then I would recommend styles like Ardell 109 or 110 or House of Lashes natural.  Or if you wanting a little drama but not overkill, then go for a pair of demi whispies. The key is to think of the event or occasion you want the lashes for, and match your pair based off the look you are going for.

2. Once you have your pair. Its onto applying them. The trick to remembering which lash goes on which eye is to face the package away from you (the brand name upside down). And now the left lash goes on the left eye and the right lash goes on the right eye. 0Yh8T31412039133

3. To take them out of the packaging, I recommend taking a pair of tweezers,  grabbing one end of the lashes, and gently pulling them to one side. Careful not to pull to hard so you don’t rip any individual lashes. Next you want to MEASURE the lash to your particular eye. You do this by picking up the lash, placing it on the correct eye and measuring the lash to your eye shape. Most likely you will need to cut a little off the end of the lash so that it fits your eyes. Cut from the OUTER corner NOT the INNER corner. That means do not cut the littler lashes, cut the longer ones.


4. Now that you have the lashes measured to fit your eye. Throw on a little mascara, and now you are ready to glue them in place! A lot of lashes come with glue, I really do not recommend using that glue. The Duo lash glue is the best glue I have used and would strongly advise that particular brand. Now here is where you need a steady hand. Take the lashes, and apply a minimal amount of glue onto the band of the lash. Too much glue is a problem. It will get all over your eyelid and ruin any eyeshadow you have applied. Once you have the glue on the band of the lash WAIT!!! Wait almost a whole minute. You want the glue to be very tacky.

5. After a minute has past, you are ready to set it in place. Take a pair of tweezers, and grab the lash from the middle. Not one of the outer corners. It is best to look down into a mirror. If you have a small desk mirror that would be best. Now look down slightly and place the lash in the middle of your eye first as close to your real lashes as you can possibly get. The closer they are to your natural lash line,the most natural they look. Once you have it sitting in the middle of your eye. Take your tweezers and grab the outer corner of the lash and press it into place. Then do this for the inner corner. Now squeeze your tweezers along the entire rim of the lashes to ensure they are completely glued to your natural lash line.

6. Now they are on! Next I like to run some eyeliner over the lash line to make a seamless transition. I really like using gel liner for this step. You now should be good to go!

Removal and Lash Care: 

When you are ready to take the lashes off, I like to take a hot washcloth and place it over my eye. That will loosen the glue and make it easier to remove. Then you can take one corner of the lash and gently pull from one end to the other. I have also found that eye makeup remover and coconut oil are effective ways of loosening the lash glue as well. When I am in the process of taking them off, I like to remember which lash goes to which eye so that I can place them properly into their original packaging. Once they are off. You must clean the lash band! Gently remove any excess glue that was left on the band of the lashes. You can either peel it off with your fingers or with makeup remover. Try to mess only with the band of the lash and not the lashes themselves so that you do not wear the life of your lashes. Once they are cleaned, place them back into their original packaging and they will be ready for future use!

Here are some of my favorite lashes: House of Lashes Pixie Luxe, House of Lashes Noir Fairy, Ardell 110, Ardell Demi Whispies