What to Get Your Man for Christmas

Holiday Gift Guide for Your Man

It is no secret that man are difficult to buy for. When the Holidays roll around, I find that men’s gifts are really no different from year to year. Do I buy yet another wallet or cologne? I begin second guessing myself and overcomplicating the entire situation. But what I realized is that men are simple creatures. Why are men’s gifts the same year after year? Because that is what they want! I am always shocked when my husband asks for yet another watch! But here is the secret. Guys often want the newest and latest version of their favorite accessories. Keeping it simple isn’t a bad thing! Follow my guide for the latest men’s trends and your man will me smiling this Christmas! 
Holiday Gift Guide for Your Man
Under  $50
1. A Scarf of Their Favorite Sports Team
If you guy is a big sports fanatic, but your tired of buying him jerseys , why not pick him up a scarf of his favorite team. There is something so fashionable about a man in a scarf. Maybe a print of his team will get him inspired to start wearing other styles too! 
2. Skincare
Believe or not, I actually find that men secretly love taking care of their skin. If received as a gift, they are likely to not feel as “weird” about using beauty products. Kiehls is my husband’s favorite skincare line. He also loves their hair products. Look out for gifts sets because they often have great starter sized products so you can try a lot from one brand. 
3. Guide Book in a Subject He Loves
Not everyone is into reading. If you are like my husband, you would rather jump off a cliff. But I have found that he will read if it is in a subject he really enjoys. Guide books are great because they can be used more for reference as opposed to being read start to finish. He said he has used this book before purchasing whiskey on many occasions. Find a topic your man loves and find him a guide book in that field. 

4. A Journal 

I love gifting journals and notebooks as stocking stuffers. Men don’t always realize how disorganized they can be. Maybe a journal will help them stay organized in the upcoming new year. 

5. A Trendy Baseball Cap

H&M makes some really cool looking hats for men. My man has many baseball caps in his closet, but I see him reaching for this one all the time! 

gift guide for the men in your lifeChristmas Gifts for Men

Under $150

6. Watch Display Case

This has actually been one of my favorite gifts that I have gifted my husband. It is simple, yet so needed. If your man is a watch lover, you need to gift him something to organize his time pieces. This one is $75. But I have seen some at Homegoods for a great price! 

7. Replica Cologne 

Oh my gosh you guys. This cologne is AMAZING! It lasts all day long. I have even smelled it on his clothes days later. Replica Jazz Club is our favorite scent from the line, but the entire collection is full of breath taking fragrances. 

8. Nike Shoes

Every man likes a nice pair of athletic shoes. Nike has come out with some trendy styles. White is all the range now! This pair is wore over and over by my man! 

9. MVMT Watch

I have gifted my husband a watch on many different occasions, but he never gets tired of it! MVMT watches are huge right now and set at a very reasonable price point. I am thinking of getting him this style this year. 

Holiday Gift Guide for Guys

$200 and Above

10. Beats Headphones

This is a great gift not only for your boyfriend, husband or partner, but also your dad or brother. My dad got a pair of these a few years back and absolutely loves them!

11. Duffle Bag

This is a practical gift that men love. Purchasing a leather style is a great way to take the gift up a notch and make it more luxurious. This style is so trendy and chic. 

12. A Leather Jacket 

If you really want to splurge on your man, consider getting him an investment piece that will last him for years to come. Leather jackets are a classic item that are great for any kind of man. Pick a style that fits his personality and you are set. ASOS is a great online store to find some trendy and classic styles. We actually purchased his present this year on Black Friday from our local Lindbergh store. They sell incredible jackets, but their online store is very limited. If you can find a store near you, I highly recommend it! 

Christmas Gifts for Men

I also have a pretty huge men’s gift guide roundup from last year that you can read HERE if you need more inspiration. What are you thinking of gifting your man this Christmas?