Get Pool Ready! 4 Easy Steps

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One thing I know for sure is that I will be LIVING by the pool all Summer long. Excuse me, but being 8 months pregnant in August will basically require a monogrammed beach chair and a pool boy. Okay, obviously I am joking, but I will basically want to die in the Vegas heat so I know I will be needing some serious pool time to cool off. 

 The real key to enjoying yourself at the pool is having the right essentials. Because let’s be honest, not everyone loves lounging in the basking sun (*cough *cough my husband). Many of us get bored or feel too exposed, and we quickly get uncomfortable and will even call it quits, which can be frustrating after going through all the effort of squeezing yourself in a bathing suit and loading up all your crap. 

I feel like I have nailed down my pool routine and I can get out the door pretty quickly by having some items locked and loaded at all times, which can be helpful for those last minute pool parties. Now, I will add that I do not always go all glam for the pool. I mean let’s get real, I did multiple other shoots this day and I had to have my hair and makeup ready for all those shoots. But I will also say, I do wear makeup to the pool. I can do another post on beach or pool makeup if you are interested in the details. Comment below! But let’s get to the tips!

1. Have 2-3 “Go to” Suits

Most of us are guilty of hoarding all of our past bathing suits from the last, I don’t know, ten years! Even if you still wear some, they are probably not in the best shape or might not look as good as they might have in the past. I recommend having 2-3 suits on hand that you love and feel comfortable in. Bikini or one piece, it doesn’t matter as long as you are comfortable. 

2. You Don’t ACTUALLY Need a Bathing Suit Cover Up

We buy them because they are cute. That is about it. Truthfully, we can throw on a pair of shorts or a maxi dress over our suit and be good to go. I do have around 3 cover ups that I like to wear, but if I am bored with them I just throw on a maxi dress and call it good. 

3. Have Your Beach Bag Packed at All Times

This is definitely my biggest tip. I actually have a beach bag in my closet that is ready to go. I have a beach towel, bathing suit, sunscreen, magazine, flip flops and cover up inside it. Then you can just grab your hat and sunglasses and be ready to go. You could get even more elaborate and have cute pair of earrings, lipsticks, a couple books, and anything else you think you might need. I also have a post called 10 Beach Essentials  that might give you some more ideas on what to pack. 

4. Don’t Leave Without Bringing Snacks

What is the number one reason we leave the pool earlier than anticipated? Because we are hungry. No, just in case you were curious, I did not eat the pineapple as a snack that day. It was simply a cute decor piece. I can’t resist a cute photo prop 😉 Anyway fruit, granola bars, and water are must haves for A. not passing out in the hot sun and B. sticking out that tan in process! 

Having a little pool ready kit is definitely the way to go. I am excited to be putting mine to use this weekend during our quick trip to L.A! Keep an eye out for some Instagram photos of our trip. Follow me @glamlifeliving

Thanks for reading. Stop back soon! 

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