What Girls ACTUALLY Want for Valentine’s Day

What Girls Want and Don't Want for Valentine's Day

You either love it or you hate it, but whatever your feelings are about Valentine’s Day, you have to admit it is kinda nice to have an excuse to have your boo buy you a little gift, or even treat yourself to something! But lately, I have been thinking a lot about what is usually gifted on this special occasion, and I have to say that sometimes the gifts are just plain boring! Chocolates and flowers? BOO! Today I am sharing what us girls actually want for Valentine’s Day, and which gifts you should skip this year. So whether you are trying to get ideas on what  you should hint your man to get for you, or you’re a dude looking to get your girl that perfect gift this VDay, you are in the right place! 

What to Get Her for Valentine's Day on Glam Life LivingWhat Girls Actually Want

1. Card

Let’s start with the basics. You CANNOT skip this step. If you are a man or a women, it is definitely required to take the time to write out how much your loved one means to you. But I will admit that cards can be overpriced seeing how we usually stuff them somewhere, not to look at them again for a couple years. But I have to say that Dollar Tree really does have some awesome card options for just $1! 

What Girls Want and Don't Want for Valentine's Day

2. A Personalized Gift

We want something that compliments are daily life and activities. We want proof that you actually pay attention when we drop those hints on how cool an item is. I just got this new Kate Spade Tracker and I am totally obsessed. It tracks your sleep and steps. If you or your lady is into fitness, I would definitely recommend this item. 

Kate Spade Tracker |What Girls Want for Valentine's Day| on Glam Life Living

3. A Little Romance 

We don’t need anything over the top, although sometimes that is nice. But some pretty underwear or a new fragrance is never a bad idea. These are two cliches that I do support as for Valentine’s gifts. My current favorite fragrance is Dior Absolutely Blooming. But I have been eyeing some Jo Malone

Valentine's Day Gifts She Actually Wants on Glam Life LivingValentine's Day Gifts for Her on Glam Life Living

4. Something a Little Expensive 

Now obviously it goes without saying that you should stay within your budget, but it can be so exciting to totally splurge on a gift now and then. You can never go wrong with investing in a nice bag, designer watch, or a nice piece of fine jewelry. Afterall, diamonds are a girls best friend!

What Girls ACTUALLY Want for Valentine's Day

Here are a Few Gifts I Recommend:

New Fragrance 



Spa Experience 

A Romantic Home Cooked Meal 

Champagne and Macaroons 

Tickets to a Show

Bath Goodies

High End Makeup

The bottom line is to really get personal. We want to feel like we are understood and appreciated.

Here Are the Gifts You Should Skip This Year:



Random Bouquet of Flowers

(only get flowers if you know your lady’s favorite and you know for sure she will be pissed if you don’t get them!)

Dinner at Any Old Restaurant 

Heart Shaped Jewelry 

Predesigned Gift Sets 

Stuffed Animals 


Hope this post gave you a little inspiration. What are some of your biggest Valentine’s Day gift peeves? Comment below. Thanks for stopping by!