Holiday Gift Guide for Your Man


Watch |Slippers |Art of Shaving Set |Bracelet| iPhone Case |Bleu De Chanel Fragrance |Leather Flask | Passport Case | Gloves|

I always find men to be the hardest to shop for, especially my husband! Guys are a lot more in the know then they used to be. You would be surprised how aware they are of the latest trendy items. I am constantly shocked at the level of knowledge my husband casually relays to me in everyday conversion on the hottest devices or clothing items. So ladies, that means we got to get it together! A grill set will no longer suffice for our trendy men! But don’t worry girl, I got your back. 

The most difficult part about shopping for guys is that they are all so different. What one guy likes, another might not. So that is why I have categorized a couple of different gift guides for your man’s personality. Whether he is preppy, sporty, a traveler, or a child at heart, I got you covered! Also keep in mind that if an item is out of your budget, you can always find similar items with the same concept. Your gift doesn’t need to break the bank. It is easy to find “off brand” items with similar styles at a variety of different stores. I hope you enjoy the post! I won’t lie, it took a while to put together! Good luck shopping. 

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Gift Guide for the Sporty Guy

Fitbit| Sunglasses |Shoes| Hydro Flask |Gloves |Headphones| Duffle Bag| Jacket|

Gift Guide for the Traveling Guy

Beanie| Shoes | Ted Baker Bag| Travel Case | Clarsonic | Bose Headphones|

Holiday Gift Guide for the Child at Heart

Lego Architecture | Star Wars Socks| Remote Control Air Plane| Game of Thrones Risk | Game of Thrones Season 6| Cards Against Humanity | Pacman |X Box S| BB8 Mug