Money Saving Nail Hack

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If there is one luxury us ladies enjoy, it is having a fresh manicure. But let’s face it, nail salon visits can add up. I used to be religious about getting my nails done. But when I calculated how much I was spending a month on beauty related items, I knew something had to go. The issue was that I have never had naturally long and beautiful nails. But luckily I am sharing a nail hack that will not only save you money, but also look great! 

Maybe you are blessed with long nails, but you just can’t get your polish to last. Or perhaps your a bitter, like me. I have found a way to get salon like nails at home! The first option is best for those who have short and brittle nails and want some extra length. The second is for my ladies who have pretty nice nails, but want shine and longevity. Let’s get started! 

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Solution for Short and Brittle Nails

What You Will Need:

  nail polish (I like O.P.I or Essie)

press on nails

nail filer

nail clippers

nail glue

 hand cream     

Step 1: Prep

You will want to rough up your natural nail to give the glue something to stick to. You can also begin sizing the press on nails to match your fingers. 

Step 2: Glue 

After you have chosen the correct size for each set of fingers, you will want to put some glue onto your natural nail and then press on the fake one. I would wait 10-20 seconds so the glue really holds. 

Step 3: File and Shape

If you are not happy with the predesigned shape of the fake nail, I suggest cutting them with nail clippers and shaping them to your liking. I will usually file them to look more almond shaped. 

Step 4: Paint

Lastly, take your chosen nail color and give the nails two coats. You will want to set with a top coat. I have found no issues with chipping with this O.P.I top coat. 


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Solution for Lack Luster Nails

For those of you who have nice length to your nails, I suggest investing in an LED UV light to do your own gel manicures at home! Here are some other items you will need. 

foundation gel polish 

top coat gel polish

colored gel polish 

nail filer

rubbing alcohol 

Step 1: File and Shape

You will want to file, shape, and then wash your hands prior to applying the gel polish. You are only going to do one hand at a time. 

Step 2: Apply Gel Polishes 

 As evenly as possible, apply your foundation coat and put your hand under the light for one minute. Then apply a coat of your chosen nail color and put under the light for another minute. Repeat. Top with the gel top coat and put under the light for a final minute. 

Step 3: Rub with Rubbing Alcohol 

Apply some rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad a rub over every finger nail. This will help to set all the coats of polish. 

Step 4: Repeat the Process on the Other Hand 

After you finish your first hand, repeat the above steps with the other hand. And that is it! 

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Doing your own nails at home is a great way to save some extra money each month. I will say that the press on nails are not the most durable. I like to carry some extra nail glue in my purse just in case one pops off while I am on the go. But they are a great solution for my ladies on a budget!

What are some of your best nail hack secrets? Share them below! 

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