A Nontraditional New Years Eve Dress

black velvet dress for New Years

Even the ladies who aren’t typically a glitter gal, pull out their sequins and sparkle for one night of the year: New Years Eve. The light catches your dress and you are shimmering in the cold night air with thoughts of champagne bottles popping and new years resolutions running through your head. There is only one problem. Every single girl is also wearing sequins. I am a full believer in being beaded from head to toe, but sometimes it can be fun to be the odd ball out every once and a while. A few posts back, I mentioned how velvet is the “it” fabric of the season. So instead of reaching for your typical glitter dress, you might try something new this year!

Chances are you’ll stand out in a crowd by being one of the only girls not dressed in a glitter ensemble. If you are dead set on wearing sequins for your New Year festivities, this dress would also be lovely for celebrating Christmas Day! Whatever your thinking of wearing this Holiday season, consider adding some velvet to your look.

That’s all for today! I’ve actually been in bed all day with the stomach bug. I’m going to try and get some rest now, but I wanted to leave you with some more Holiday inspiration. Thanks for reading!


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