What to Pack in Your Work Bag

What's in My Tory Burch Buckle Tote

There is nothing more personal than looking inside a woman’s bag! Okay maybe that is a little dramatic. I could probably think of a few more example of “more personal,” but I think you catch my drift. A woman’s bag can say a lot about her. I have always been a fan of those “What’s in My Bag” videos and blog posts, so today I wanted to share what is in my work bag! 

Tory Burch Buckle Tote

I have actually changed up my bag several times since the beginning of the school year. I started out with one of those huge monogrammed teacher totes, but it was just too big. Then I switched to one of my Kate Spade totes, which was a little better in size, but it didn’t have quite the right type of space or compartments. But then the hubs got me this Tory Burch Buckle Tote for Christmas, and it has been so perfect for work! 

What's in My Tory Burch Buckle Tote in luggage

During the week, I like to carry a lot with me. This is mainly because there have been so many times that I have gotten to work wishing I had brought such and such item. I learned that I am just more stress free by carrying more. On the weekends, I definitely like to switch up by bag and carry something more effortless. But during the week, I like to be prepared. So here are the items I pack/ what I recommend packing in your work bag! 

How to Pack Your Work Bag |Tory Burch Buckle Tote|

1. Laptop

I don’t carry this every single day, but I love that the bag has a special compartment made for your laptop. Even though I have a work computer, I do enjoy bringing my personal laptop from time to time. Laptop case is from CaseApp.

2. Sunglasses

Guys, I am so bad about wearing sunglasses! But I always have them on hand, mainly for driving purposes. 

3. Wallet + Card Holder

Need I explain anything? These items are kind of important 😉 Wallet is Ted Baker. Card holder is Kate Spade

4. Hand Cream + Hand Sanitizer 

My hands get super dry living in Las Vegas. So I always have to have a hand cream with me. Plus being around little kids all day requires hand sanitizer! 

5. Lip Products

Girl, I think I had 5-6 lip products in my bag when I dumped out my purse for this post! It was a little ridiculous. 

Work Bag Essentials | What's in My Work Bag|

6. Snacks

If you follow me on Snapchat (glamlifeliving), then you know what a mess my purse was. I dumped my whole bag out on the bed and a grapefruit, orange, and granola bar showed up! I decided to keep it real and show you that I really did have snacks in my bag. 

7. Planner, Stickers, and Pens

I have a few separate planners. I go a little crazy in this department. But it makes me feel more organized to have a separate planner for certain areas of my life. I use this Happy Planner at work and I love that it gives me plenty of space to write all my daily tasks, and I love the stickers that you can buy to go with it. These gold stickers are from Target though! 

happy planner, planner stickers, markers |What's in My Work Bag|

8. Notebook

I like to have a completely separate notebook from my planner because it is actually where I keep my 2017 Resolutions. As I mentioned in my How to Make + Keep Your 2017 Resolutions, I believe in keeping your goals accessible so you can refer to them often.

9. Kleenex, More Lip Products, and Cell Phone

We would all go in sane without that little cellular device. I think we all are a bit too attached! This marble case is from CaseApp

Work Bag Essentials | What's in My Work Bag|

10. Makeup/ Beauty Minis

I love keeping a little bag of make minis in my bag, although I will be honest and say I really don’t reach for them that often. There just gets a point in the day when I just stop caring haha!  Kids can do that to you! Makeup Minis |How to Pack Your Work Bag|What do you like keeping in your daily work bag? What do you think, too much or not enough? Leave your thoughts below!
What's in My Tory Burch Buckle Tote

Thanks for taking the time to read today’s post! Talk again soon!



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  1. January 25, 2017 / 2:16 pm

    You should also pack that adorable dog, ha ha :)) Love your pictures, so clean and bright! And the bag seems the perfect size to fit all your daily essentials. Kisses