How to Rock the High Low Trend

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I still remember the first high low dress I ever bought. It was a Candie’s dress from Kolhs and I practically ran to the dressing room to try it on. If I can recall correctly, the trend really became popular around 2011 and I was thrilled to jump on board. I LOVED that dress. I remember prancing around my University feeling liking a princess as my dress flowed effortlessly in the wind. I kept that dress for years, simply because it brought back so many happy memories. 

The interesting thing is that I don’t think I have owned any other high low dresses since then! (Please don’t virtually smack me if I happen to be wrong. I mean I can always blame pregnancy brain right?!) The great thing about the high low dress trend is that you get that maxi dress feel while still emphasizing some leg. This happens to be fabulous for all my petite ladies. Shout out to all my 5’3 and under girls! Since I am only  5’3, I do like to keep my height in mind when purchasing dresses. However, if you are short, tall, or any height in between, these tips will work for you when you go to style your next high low dress.

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1. Wear a Shoe That Adds Some Height

Since high low dresses allow you to emphasize your legs, you will want to elongate them even more by pairing them with a heeled shoe. A pointed nude pump works great because it makes your legs appear longer. 

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2. Emphasize Your Waist

This was essential for me wearing this style dress while pregnant. Luckily this particular dress has a draw string that allows me to tighten as needed above the belly. But for my nonpreggo ladies, a simple belt always works for this step! 

off the shoulder red floral dress, pregnant blogger, pregnancy style, maternity fashion

3. Choose a Fun Print

Because this style dress is flirty in nature, why not get extra sassy with the print style you choose? Thinking back to that first high low dress I owned, it was also multi colored with a dramatic print. 

pregnancy style, pregnancy fashion, maternity, blogger baby bump

4. Experiment with Different Styles

Anything off the shoulder is extremely popular right now. But you can also go for a skirt style paired with a tight fitting top. Or you can ditch the whole dress concept and try the trend in a sweater or top. Start somewhere that you are comfortable with! 

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5. Now Strut Your Stuff! 

Just be confident. Clothing should make you feel happy and good about yourself. If it doesn’t, get rid of it! Surround yourself with items that bring you joy. 

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How do you feel about the high low trend? Will you be brave enough to rock it?