How to Have a Romantic Dinner at Home

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This year, the hubs and I decided that we would stay in and have a romantic dinner together instead of going out for Valentine’s Day. We have gone out for the occasion many times in the past, and each restaurant we have gone to has had a small and limited menu for the night. Being vegan, it can be difficult to be accommodated in situations where the food options are very limited. And when you go out to dinner for Valentine’s Day, you definitely don’t want to feel like you are settling! Today, I am sharing some tips on how you can have a romantic dinner at home this Valentine’s Day! 

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Set the Scene

 I think the real key in having a romantic dinner at home is to set the mood. Really carve out the time to light some candles, pick up some flowers, play some nice music, and set the table to be a little festive. I added these plate decorations by using some ribbon and glitter hearts that I had left over from last year. Plus I used my adorable heart glasses I discovered at Homegoods! Really have fun with this part. Don’t feel like you need to go out and buy a bunch of VDay decorations either. I just used what I had at home!  

Romantic Valentine's Day Dinner and Decor

Dress the Part

It can be easy to justify staying in your comfy clothes for a night in. But on a special occasion, it is nice to get all dolled up and cook. I actually like getting ready before I start the cooking process, so that just in case I am running late on time, I don’t have to worry about fixing myself up last minute. Although, I will admit I did wear leggings under this dress during this post! 

Healthy Vegan Lasagne for Valentine's Day Healthy Vegan Lasagne for a Romantic Valentine's Day Dinner on glamlifeliving.comHealthy Vegan Lasagne for Valentine's Day Pick a Meal You Both Will Love

I wanted to find a meal that would accommodate my needs, but also be something that my husband would get really excited about. Plus, I wanted to pick a recipe that took a lot more time than what I would typically spend prepping a meal. That way it felt extra special. I have been wanting a nice lasagne for a while now, but honestly I hadn’t eaten it in a couple of years. I never felt like there were any good healthy options for the dish. I came across a recipe on Pinterest that really inspired this meal. I did end up switching a few things around to add a little extra something! I made this Vegan Lasagne, but I wanted to share a couple of things that I changed about the recipe in case you wanted to recreate it. But needless to say, my husband ate over half the pan. There was very little left before the night was over! 

1. Cut the Veggies Smaller Than Suggested. 

I wanted the roasted vegetables to be more bite sized. So I did chopped them significantly smaller than the recommend halved size. 

2. Purchase “Oven Ready” Lasagne Noodles

This is just a more convenient option. But if you do go with these noodles, up the cooking time by 15 minutes or more. Just give enough time for the noodles to soften. 

3. Add Mozzarella Cheese to the Top

I used vegan cheese for this, but you can just use regular mozzarella. If you do go the vegan route, I would actually use Daiya Cheese instead of the Follow Your Heart brand that I used. It was my first time using that brand and it did not melt as well as Daiya. 

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Create a Cocktail 

Last year I made a Coconut Cloud Cocktail that was inspired by a drink that I had at a Tommy Bahama Restaurant here in Vegas. It took me a couple of tries, but it turned out pretty great! There is nothing like a little booze to get you both a little romantic! 

Coconut Cloud Cocktail for Valentine's Day on

Just Enjoy Each Other!

Life is so busy, and it is rare that we just stop, take a breath, and really BE with one another. Take this time to really give your loved one the attention they deserve. Take away distractions, especially phones! It can even be fun to go back to the basics and ask each other questions and challenge yourself to find out something new about them. If you need some more inspiration for romance, I love TheDatingDivas. Their website is seriously awesome for all your dating needs! 

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