Soft and Easy Romantic Makeup Look

Soft and Easy Valentine's Day Romantic Makeup Look on Glam Life Living

As you might have been able to tell, I have been a little enthusiastic about Valentine’s Day this year. It probably just has to do with the fact that I am a girly girl at heart, and anything that is pink and feminine I basically swoon over. But even if you aren’t as obsessive about the Holiday as I am, you can’t deny that everyone enjoys playing makeup. So today I am wanted to share this soft and easy romantic makeup look with you that you can wear for Vday or any day! 

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1. Pick Out Your Products

For special occasions, I find it more enjoyable to take the time to pull out a few luxury items and set them out ahead of time. Even if they are your usual drugstore goodies, find a way to switch it up a little by splurging on a new lipstick shade. I wanted to use some Too Faced products since their heart shaped packaging is perfect for Valentine’s Day! 

Valentine's Day Makeup Look with Too Faced Sweetheart perfect flush blush on Glam Life Living

2. Lay Your Base 

For this look, I chose products that bring a pretty luminosity to the skin. I prepped my face with my favorite primer by YSL. Then went in with my Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. To cover dark circles, I started out with my Bobbi Brown Color Corrector and layered it with my Tarte Shape Tape Concealer. Then I lightly set my base with my Laura Mericer translucent powder. 

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3. Get Glowing

To create a soft and romantic look, I picked out a few cheek products that really add that glow to the skin. I started out with my Betty- Lou Manizer Bronzer and then topped the apples of my cheeks with the Too Faced Perfect Flush Blush. And of course you can’t forget that highlighter! Mary-Lou Manizer by the Balm is my favorite when I am a little on the pale side. 

soft and easy makeup look for valentine's day

4. Smoke Out the Eyes

Because I have deep set eyes, I like to keep the darker colors on the outer v of my eye and keep the lid light with a sparkle shade. I used the Too Faced Bon Bon Palette for this eye look. Throw on some black eye liner and your favorite mascara, and you are good to go! If you feel up to it, I would also recommend throwing on a pair of false lashes. I actually had run out of lash glue for this look, so I skipped them this day. 

M.A.C Snob Lipstick |Valentine's Day Makeup Look|

5. Pucker Up

If you are going for a more romantic look, I suggest going with a soft pink lip color like M.A.C Snob. I topped it off with Nars Chelsea Girls lipgloss to give it a little more of a nude vibe. But if you are feeling bold, switch out this lip color for a bright red! 

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For me, Valentine’s Day is really about feeling pretty and romantic. Some might prefer to amp it up a little more with dramatic makeup and a tight dress. And if that is you, all the power to you! But whatever you choose to you, stick to what is comfortable to you. This isn’t really the time to experiment with a whole new look. Afterall, your loved one loves you for as you are now! 

Valentine's Day Makeup Products on Glam Life Living

If you are looking for some more inspiration, I have so many other related Valentine’s Day posts on the blog! Just search it in my search bar. I also did a post called What Girls REALLY Want for Valentine’s Day if you are looking for some things to hint at your man to get! 

Soft and Easy Romantic Makeup Look for Valentine's Day on Glam Life Living

I hope you gained a little makeup inspiration in today’s post! Thanks for popping over!