Step Outside Your Comfort Zone |Faux Fur Coat|

Faux Fur Black and White Coat with lace pink dress

Faux Fur Coat: Here    Dress: Here    Heels: Here    Bag: Here

Faux fur has always been intimating to me. I used to look at girls in those huge pink furry jackets and think about how fabulous they looked. But I remember thinking, “I could never pull that off.” I would wish secretly that I felt comfortable enough to wear something so chic. Then one day, I said screw it. I want to wear an obnoxious faux fur jacket, and I am going to rock it! And I have to say, I am now obsessed.

Lace pink dress with black and white faux fur and white fur jacket with pink lace dress and Rebecca Minkoff BagGlam Life Living in faux fur coat and pink lace dressblack and white faux fur coat with black and gold Rebecca Minkoff Mac cross body Fashion Blogger Hannah from Glam Life Living | black and white faux fur coat and lace pink dress|Fashion Blogger Look in white and black faux fur jacket and lace pink dress with a Rebecca Minkoff bagFashion Blogger Hannah from Glam Life Living in black and white faux fur coat and lace pink dressgold and black Rebecca Minkoff crossbody with faux fur coat

I think we are all guilty of putting limitations on ourselves. ” I could never pull that off,” or “It looks great on her, but not on me.” We do it not only in our wardrobe picks, but in our career, and personal lives. We have a fear of stepping out of our comfort zones. Our expectations for ourselves are not high enough, our dreams are not big enough, and we allow fear to control too much. This quote stuck out to me. And I think we should let it be our motto for the day. 

“Do something uncomfortable today. By stepping out of your box, you don’t have to settle for what you are- you get to create who you want to become.” Howard Walstein 

Maybe faux fur isn’t your thing. But I challenge you to try something today that you have been wanting to try. Even if it something as simple as ordering a completely different drink at Starbucks then what you usually order. If we do not challenge ourselves, we cannot grow. I know many of us have made a lot of resolutions for 2017. If we want to achieve those things, we have to stop making excuses and start making changes. 

How will you step outside of your comfort zone today?