Step Up Your Summer Look in 5 Easy Steps

Step Up Your Summer Look with a Retro Twist

It’s no secret that we change our look with the seasons. There are those typical iconic staples that every woman has to prepare her for those hot Summer days. While I agree that our closet should be ready with a few key items, I also think we should step it up a notch with this year’s summer look. Shorts and a tank top are so BORING! That hot weather doesn’t need to hinder us from looking great. I’ve decided to up my game. So today, I am sharing my tips on how you can too! 

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1. Get Inspired

Do not skip this step. Having a vision of your ideal look is so important when it comes to shopping. If we don’t know what we want in the long run, then we end up buying things we think we want in the moment. But then later we realize it doesn’t really go with the overall vibe we were going for. I am so guilty of this. But NO MORE! I just did a post called 4 Tips on Finding Inspiration if you need a push in the right direction. 

2. Write Down Style Elements You Like 

Go on Pinterest and write down the aspects that you like about an outfit. Is it her ruffle sleeves, embellished top, or cheetah print shoes? Knowing what you like in another’s outfit can help you determine what style elements you want to bring to your new look. 

3. Determine Ideal Retailers 

Now that you know the look you are going for, play a little online shopping game. Research retailers that sell items with the details and elements you are looking for. Doing this ahead of time will save you tons of time endlessly searching the mall. 

4. Go Shopping! 

Okay now that you have put in the time and research you are now allowed to go shopping. But stay focused girl. Stick to the stores and items that you wrote down. See something else you love that doesn’t fit the description? Sleep on it. You can always go back and get it later if it is still on your mind. 

5. Rearrange Your Closet

I spent my entire Saturday night rearranging my closet. With this growing belly, I needed to temporarily remove the items that just won’t work right now. I created a space of pieces that I can not only wear now, but that I am inspired by when I walk in. Organize your closet to feature the items that go with your new look. Seeing the items that have those style elements you love will inspire you when getting dressed in the morning. 

Remember that this is a process. Take your time when creating your ideal look. Get lost in the  research and have fun! Your future self will be thankful that you put so much thought into this journey. 

Thanks for reading. I hope everyone is having a blessed Memorial Day!