How to Upgrade Your Lazy Look

How to Upgrade Your Lazy Look |pink adria's, ripped jeans, stripped hoodie|

Hoodie: Here, Similar  Jeans: Express  Shoes: Adidas  

We all have lazy days. And actually, I find them to be quite necessary for rejuvenation when life gets busy. Maybe the day involves binge watching This is Us all day (guilty!). Or perhaps it entails running around getting errands done. The point is you are having a day where you don’t feel like wearing a full face of glam prancing about in Louboutins! Whatever the reason for a low key style day, I have learned that lazy doesn’t have to mean sloppy. Now before you get offended, I wanted to add the disclaimer that we are allowed to have “a day” every once in a while. But this is about finding a look that involves little to no effort (lazy) but makes you feel a little more put together. So how can we get ready fast with little to no effort and still feel comfortable and chic? Simply adding 3 items to your lazy day wardrobe will make all the difference! 

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1. A Statement Sneaker 

Sneakers have come a long way over the years. Between the fun color options, new fabrics (velvet tennies are now a thing!), and wide variety of designers; you now are able to spruce up your casual style simply by the shoes you wear! 

stripped hoodie, lazy style, upgrade your casual style

2. A Hoodie That Doesn’t Have Your College Logo 

I love a statement sweatshirt. The hoodie game is really strong in the retail world with cute sayings, prints, and stylish details. Having a few of these on hand will fulfill your desire to be comfortable, but it also upgrades your old school sweatshirt vibe. 

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3. Denim That Is Flexible 

Most of the time we opt for leggings or sweatpants on our lazy days because they allow us to move more freely. But the great thing is that denim is sold in some really stretchy fits that give the feeling of movability as well as effortless style. 

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That’s it! Simply adding those 3 items will make you feel so much more put together while still giving you that day off comfort. What are some of your favorite lazy day statement items? Share below!