What to Wear to Your Office Christmas Party

what to wear to your office christmas party

With glitter, sequins, and sparkle around every corner, you might be thinking that it can be a little much at times. To be honest, there are occasions where I am hesitant to hop into something bedazzle, and I am a glitter girl! There are just some moments that are appropriate for an over the top ensemble and others that are not. Office wear has a sterostypical persona that can even come across boring in some instances.  So if you are looking for an outfit that is classy yet fun for some of your work Holiday events, I have your back girl! 

I have always been so hesitant to try out a wide leg pant. Being a petite lady, I often felt like larger pieces would overwhelm my frame. And although that can be true, I was so surprised with these red pants! They bring an element of fun, while still being an acceptable clothing choice for a more professional event. 

Ruffles have been all the rage this year, finding their way on dresses, tops, sweaters, and the like. They add an extra flare to your look without feeling over the top, although if you WANTED to be a little more trendy, the ruffle sizes can get pretty intense! This classic combination of white and red have a Christmas feel without compromising a sense of professionalism. 

Have you thought about what you will be wearing to work for your Holiday events? Keep checking back for more inspiration this season! Thanks for reading!

what to wear to work during the holidays

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