What to Wear to All Your Summer Events

Need to know what to wear for all your summer events? Bridal showers, baby showers, weddings, it can be hard to figure out what to wear.

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Is it just me or did your schedule just get crazy busy? Between company coming and going, traveling, and more upcoming occasions and visitors; I am feeling quite shocked at how many events are coming my way. And you know me, when I think of an event, my mind immediately goes to what to wear! Summer can be a very busy time for a lot of us with wedding season, baby showers, family vacations, and the like. And for heaven’s sake, what on earth do we wear for it all! We can be tempted to buy a new outfit for every occasion, but is it necessary? Today, I am sharing my tips on how to dress for all your summer events. 

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I recently did a post called What to Wear to a Wedding that you can read if you are interested in my tips on styles, colors, and prints. But obviously, it is extremely important to read the invitation and know if it is semi formal, black tie, or even casual. I always suggest researching the venue to see what kind of setting it will take place in. Floral and lace detailing are a definite do for all your Summer weddings.  And seriously, how cute would this mint lace dress be for your summer wedding?!


If you are planning a trip to a tropical location, first of all, so jealous! Second of all, I suggest packing several maxi dresses that can be worn for evening dinners, parties, or going out. You want it to keep that vacation feel, but don’t be afraid to dress up a little! A little sand on your dress won’t kill you! 


If you are a bride to be, congrats! It is such an exciting time, and I remember picking out a white dress for all my bridal events like the rehearsal dinner, bachelorette party, and bridal showers. Summer is the perfect time to stock up on white dresses, even if you aren’t getting married anytime soon. You can wear white to baby showers and other events. Just make sure you’re not wearing white to any bridal event, unless you are the star of the show! 


For all those other showers and parties, you will want to wear something a little more casual. Think light and airy fabrics with floral prints. Casual dresses rule the summer and this is where you will put them to good use. Don’t feel bad about wearing something you already have in your closet for these occasions. But in case you are looking for an excuse to treat yourself, I linked a couple more ideas below!

What events do you have coming up this Summer? Thanks for reading!

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    I’m loving this new length that is making a comeback! Such a classy twist on a summer staple!