What’s in My Hospital Bag

What's in My Hospital Bag, packing for the hospital, hospital checklist

We are officially one week away from baby boy’s due date! He really could come at any point, so you bet we have our bags packed and ready! Around 35 weeks, I had an early labor scare and that really motivated me to get as much done as I could before baby’s arrival. So I have actually had my bags packed for about 4 weeks now! But I have added some items here and there as I have given more thought to what I would like in the hospital with me. 

Packing Your Bag for the Hospital

After reading a ton of articles, it seems like what you decide to take with you really depends on if you are a low maintaince or high maintaince type of packer. I have always been the kind of girl that packs the exact amount of what I think I need. The only issue is that sometimes I am not well equipped for the unforeseeable events. I don’t like to overpack, but I do want to have the items that will make me feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Granted, this is my first baby so I plan on updating this post afterward to let you know if there was anything I brought that I shouldn’t have or vice versa. 

To make things extra easy, my husband and I are actually sharing a bag. He really isn’t bringing much, so we thought it would make our lives easier to just have a bag for us and then a small bag for baby. 

Packing Your Hospital Bag, hospital bag checklist, packing for labor and delivery

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

What I am Packing for Myself:


  • 2 Robes: I am bringing a black one that I am not worried about staining and then a blue one just in case we take some newborn pictures in the hospital. 
  • 2 Nursing Bras: I have one that has a little more support just in case we have visitors, and another for sleep and comfort. 
  • 1 Pair of Pajamas: I will probably live in my robe for the majority of my stay because I heard that nurses need “easy access” to check up on how you are doing. But I am bringing a black pair of button up pjs just in case I want to wear those instead. 
  • Slippers: I bought a cheap pair from TJ Maxx that I plan on throwing out or only wearing outside after my stay. I just don’t want to be walking around my house in the same shoes I was walking around the dirty hospital floor! 
  • Going Home Outfit: I am just packing a pair of black leggings, t shirt, cardigan, and flip flops. I will probably wear the flip flops in the hospital shower as well. I literally live less than a half a mile from the hospital, so I am not too worried about what I will be wearing on the way home. I will probably just change into pajamas when I get back anyway! 

What's in My Hospital Bag, what to pack for the hospital, hospital bag checklist


  • Cosmetic Travel Case: I am packing everything in my Henri Bendel Makeup Case.
  • Shower Products: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and sphynx travel razor. 
  • Hair Products: dry shampoo, hair spray, travel blow dryer, curling iron, brush, hair ties. 
  • Makeup Products: foundation, concealer, mascara, brow products, blush, bronzer, and lipstick. * I actually have these products in a bag sitting on my vanity. I am still using them on a daily basis, but I have them in one place for easy grab and go. 
  • Other Necessities: deodorant, tooth paste, tooth brush, lip balm, hand cream, face wash, moisturizer, eye cream, travel size fragrance, nipple cream, bottom balm, and prenatal vitamins.  

Labor Kit

  • Cosmetic Pouch: I decided to put together a small kit of little essentials that I think I might want while I am in actual labor. I didn’t want my husband to have to shift through our bag to find something that I wanted quickly. 
  • Here are some items I included in the bag: lavender essential oil, sleep mask, headphones, lip balm, granola bar, gum, ear plugs, hair tie, and mini massage oil. labor and delivery essentials kit

What I am Packing for Baby

  • Diaper Bag: I packed everything in my Fawn Designs Diaper Bag. 
  • 1 Onesie: Our hospital provides an outfit to wear while we are there. But I wanted to bring this blue one for pictures or for his going home outfit. 
  • 1 Hat: I love this “little man” hat that I am bringing for photo purposes. 
  • 1 Pair of Mittens: These are so he doesn’t scratch his face. 
  • 1 Pair of Socks
  • 1 Swaddle Blanket: Our hospital provides this as well, but I wanted to bring another one for photos. 
  • 1 Blanket: This one is a little more heavy duty and is honestly just for pictures sake. It is still 100 degrees in Vegas so I doubt we will need it! 
  • Water Wipes: I heard that some hospitals give you wet clothes instead of actual wipes. I just wanted to play it safe and bring my own just in case. The water wipes are also great if your baby has sensitive skin. 
  • Nursing Pillow: I bought the Boppy Pillow and this cute elephant cover to practice using for breast feeding while in the hospital. I heard the nurses can help you position it for the best feeding angles. 
  • Baby Book: I heard that the nurse can stamp their hands and feet in the book for you. I also figured I could start filling it out during some free time in the hospital. 
  • Car Seat: We have the Maxi Cosi set up and ready in the car. The hospital will not discharge you without one. Diaper bag, Fawn Designs, what to pack for the hospital

What Dad is Bringing

  • 2 Changes of Clothes: His exact wording was, “I am bringing a set of clothes to look good in and another change of clothes for comfort.” I thought this was too funny! Our hospital also told him to bring a sweatshirt because “mother’s in labor like the room super cold!”
  • Blanket
  • Pillow
  • Camera, laptop, chargers, memory cards, and phone chargers
  • Our wallets, keys, and medical paperwork 
  • Snacks: We have granola bars and trail mix just in case. 
  • My Push Gift: He is very excited about gifting this to me! 

After typing all that out, it seems like a lot! But I promise it all fits into one bag for us and a diaper bag for baby! We will have to carry the Boppy Pillow separately because it is too awkward to fit into a bag. 


Hospital Bag Checklist, blogger hospital bag, what to bag for labor and delivery

I really found these types of packing guides really helpful while I was figuring out what to bring. I hope you enjoyed this list! Leave me a comment if you have any other suggestions! Thanks for reading. 


  1. Chelsea
    September 5, 2017 / 1:48 pm

    Snacks and food for daddy is good to have on hand so he doesn’t have to leave your room in search of something while you’re laboring. No one really thinks about him, but from personal experience 😉 daddy’s are happier if they have food in their bellies!

  2. Bianca
    September 5, 2017 / 8:08 pm

    Boxers. Old Hubbys boxers, they will give you mesh undies but it just felt awkward to be just in them, a friend suggested it before hand and they were amazing, I just slipped the PJ pants on top.

    And since they were old, if any got stained it wasn’t a big deal.